A big leap in vaccination drive, a dose of nearly 11L given Thursday, Health News, ET HealthWorld

New Delhi: Vaccination has increased significantly in the last two days after the government allowed all private hospitals with the necessary facilities to participate in national drives. India received nearly 110,000 rupees of Covid-19 vaccine on Thursday and nearly 100,000 rupees of vaccine on Wednesday.

This figure is a big leap from the recent average of about 50,000 rupees per day. Over 50% of all vaccinations on Wednesday and Thursday were given to people over the age of 60 and those with comorbidities between the ages of 45 and 59. On Thursday, more than Rs 109,000 people were vaccinated nationwide until 7 pm. Of these, about 49,000 rupees were over 60 years old, and 75,147 were people aged 45 to 59 years with comorbidities.

Overall, a vaccine of Rs 170 million was given until Thursday evening. This included a health of Rs 684,000 and frontline workers of Rs 602,000 receiving the first vaccination.

Health over Rs 308,000 and 54,177 frontline workers also took the second dose. In addition, elderly people of Rs 149,000 and people of Rs 22,000 with certain comorbidities also received the first dose.

Increasing the number of vaccinations is also important, as many states, including Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Karnataka, continue to report numerous new cases of the coronavirus every day.

17,407 new cases were registered on Wednesday, with Maharashtra, Kerala, Punjab, Tamil Nadu, Gujarat and Karnataka together accounting for 85.5% of new infections. Maharashtra reported the highest daily tally at 9,855.

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