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A brace of the fashion industry against the impact of climate change. Countries preparing for war on the moon. – Science Inquirer

So far, so good.

Public health officials are wary and optimistic about omnicron variants. Early evidence seems to indicate that it is no worse than the delta mutant in terms of pathogenicity.Around Associated Press“U.S. health officials said on Sunday that the Omicron variant of coronavirus is spreading rapidly across the country, while early signs may be less dangerous than Delta, which continues to drive a surge in hospitalizations. Dr. Anthony Fauci, chief medical adviser to President Joe Biden, said in a CNN “general textbook speech” before scientists conclude on the severity of Omicron. , Said that more information is needed. Reports from South Africa, where it has emerged and is becoming the dominant strain, suggest that hospitalization rates have not increased surprisingly. The fingers crossed, but it’s still in its infancy. It’s easy to see where we stand for the new variant.

Watch the situation.

In case you need another voice about not appearing before the good news of Omnicron Chemistry Take the other side of the coin and warn that the dynamics of a new variant of South Africa is ominous.Around Chemistry“It is still unclear how the emergence of Omicron mutants will shape the pandemic of COVID-19, but new data from South Africa are worrisome. A study published yesterday as a preprint found that Omicron was previously infected with the virus. It suggests that people who have recovered from the attack are causing more infections, which is one sign that new mutants can escape at least some of the defenses of the immune system. “This is a vaccine. It’s not a precursor to provoked immunity, “says Florian Krammer, a virologist at Mount Sinai Medical College.

Fashion is hit by climate change.

The fashion industry faces climate change considerations, especially when it comes to fabrics such as cotton and silk.Around Vogue businessFor cotton, the top six countries of India, Pakistan, Brazil, China, the United States and Turkey are heavily exposed to climate change, with Northwest Africa and West Asia and South Asia reporting the highest risks. High. 2040. Approximately 40% of cotton-producing areas will have shorter growth periods by 2040. Cotton is not the only one at risk. Silk production is also threatened in tropical regions. The impact on the silk industry can threaten the lives of more than 2 million people. The quality and quantity of cashimia is also declining and unfavorable. It is affected by stable temperatures and reduced water supplies, and over-grazing that affects the growth of winter coats of Turkish goats. ”There is no climate change to escape. The sooner people recognize it and work to delay its destructive potential, the better.

volcanic eruption.

Over the weekend, a large volcanic eruption occurred in Southeast Asia. Heavy rains continued, making rescue operations difficult, if not dangerous.Around Reuters, “Indonesia’s Semeru volcano continued to erupt hot ash clouds on Monday, a few days after a powerful eruption killed 15 people and left dozens more missing. A mountain erupted dramatically on Saturday, shooting a pillar of ash towering over the surrounding villages. Aerial footage of the affected area shows a roof protruding from the ash landscape, and on the ground, the military. Officers, police and residents manually dug mud and rescued victims. Indonesian disaster mitigation agencies said in a statement that by Monday the death toll had risen to 15 but 27 remained missing. Said that.

Moon Wars.

There is real concern that the militarization of the Moon has dramatically increased the commercialization of satellites amid rising tensions between nations here on Earth. According to, “There is growing interest in protecting the strategic assets of the Sisulner universe, the region between the Earth and the Moon. The best way to expand your military presence far from Earth. It’s not just the US Space Force that is engaged in this consideration, but so are other countries such as China. In parallel with skirmishes between nations on Earth, the space of the moon. And perhaps the moon itself is a new military “highland” and a new territory of conflict. Opinions vary, according to experts spoken by ” wonderful. As if humanity needed another frontier to wage war … “Until 1959, when NASA was still choosing the first astronaut, the U.S. military planned a moonbase under the title Project Horizon. I was standing.

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A brace of the fashion industry against the impact of climate change. Countries preparing for war on the moon. – Science Inquirer A brace of the fashion industry against the impact of climate change. Countries preparing for war on the moon. – Science Inquirer

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