A bug in the PS5 causes the disc to spin every hour for no apparent reason

PlayStation 5 seems to have a strange bug that the disc in the drive spins regularly.

Now more and more players have it PS5 The launch unit is beginning to see reports of strange quirks that were not covered in the first review.

One particular issue that has come up for those who chose the PS5 disc-based standard edition is that the discs in the drive now appear to be spinning for a particular reason.

Of course, we’re all used to hearing the disc spin from time to time, but that only happens when the console tries to access something on the disc. On the PS4, this is done when you launch the console and when you launch a game with a disc inserted. Otherwise, you will not hear the disc spinning.

This doesn’t seem to be the case for PS5. According to reports on the Reddit and Resetera forums, the PS5 spins the disk in the drive from 45 minutes to once an hour.

“Currently, I have a Ghost of Tsushima disc on my PS5 and it spins even if I’m playing Spider-Man or Demon’s Souls. I understand that I need to make sure the disc is still there, but to do so. You shouldn’t have to rotate the disc quickly / loudly, “writes a Reddit user.

This also happens when you play a digital game that is completely different from what is on the disc. Early adopters initially thought this was a kind of new authentication method that regularly checks that a disk is inserted, but after further testing, it’s what the PS5 is doing. I found that the disc rotates regardless.

For some, I noticed it while tweaking the console settings. If you’re playing a game, this may not be a big deal. The sound of the game is likely to cover the noise generated by the disk drive, but it’s annoying to anyone watching Netflix or using the PS5 media app. This allows some players to manually eject the disc each time they finish playing a particular game.

Of course, this isn’t particularly surprising, as the PS5 launch wasn’t without some bugs. At least, the issue here doesn’t seem to be more serious than the infamous download queue bug, or some of the other issues caused by rest mode.

Sony has already released one firmware update for the PS5, and we may receive more firmware updates in the coming weeks.

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PS5 bug causes disc to spin every hour for seemingly no reason

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