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Hello everyone! Chicory: A I’m Greg Robanov, the director of a colorful story. You’ll get a glimpse of what inspired us during the development of this game and what you can expect when the Chicory: A colorful story is released on PS4 and PS5 later this year.

Chicory: A When all the colors of the world disappear in a colorful story, you can restore it with a magic paintbrush.

I’m a game designer and I love making things. It’s my perfect Zen place. And part of that process involves meeting and discussing with other creative people and learning about their processes and emotions. I wanted to encourage players to be creative and play this game in a more personal way. There may not be one correct answer, but it makes exploring this world a lot of fun.

The game’s unique paint mechanic was the starting point for the entire project. We always wanted to focus the individual creativity of the player, but that decision had a huge impact on every aspect of the story, the world and the design of the puzzle.

The game is generous by giving players the option to personalize their world. You can use it all at any time, or collect ornaments and plants that you can put anywhere. All your artistic and decorative decisions are permanent throughout the adventure, which makes it even more rewarding to return to the old places along your journey. Most side quests require you to create something that will leave a lasting mark on the world. Often, those things will attract the attention of other characters and will come to new places. By the way, there are many side quests (Chicory is an adventure game after all)! You can get to know some of the more than 100 characters in the game by sending an email. Alternatively, you can recreate the masterpiece in an art class.

We took full advantage of the new DualSense wireless controller to add depth to Chicory’s gameplay in ways never before experienced. You can paint using the touchpad. The controls are specially arranged to make it easy. There is also an option to flip the control so that the left-handed player can draw with his dominant hand as needed. A lot of rumble with a soft texture like stroking a cat is added to make the whole feel warm and comfortable.

Playtesting this game reveals a very interesting variety of ways in which players are involved. Some players love to come on adventures, discover new places and solve difficult puzzles. Other players immerse themselves in a cozy and laid-back world and spend time drawing without worrying too much about what their next task is. Making games for people of all kinds was important to us, but it was also difficult to balance. Therefore, we wanted to include as many options as possible so that players could create the ideal experience.

Players can always access the phone booth and call their in-game parents to remind them of what they were doing or, if necessary, the exact direction to their next goal. However, these in-game tips were limited in functionality. They are inevitably common because they are only available from a few locations. All gaps need to be filled using the PS5 game help system. Make sure there is no guidance on the in-game screen for players who are stuck and need a little hint. Both systems work well together. Between the in-game tips and the addition of game help, this game includes its own complete 100% walkthrough.

It also includes options for players to slow down and simplify the action sequence or skip it altogether. Some scary sequences have optional content warnings. Also, despite the painting-based gameplay, no game relies on the ability to distinguish colors to solve puzzles, so colorblind players can enjoy exploration just like any other player.

If, as a result of this design work, everyone feels comfortable getting lost in the creative coloring of chicory, it’s almost the best result!

Chicory: Colorful Tale is published by Finji (Night in the Woods, Overland, Wilmot’s Warehouse) and will be available on PS5 and PS4 in the spring of 2021. The game is in English, Spanish, French and Italian, with release dates in German, Brazilian Portuguese and Russian.

The world is your canvas in Chicory: A Colorful Tale, coming to PS5 and PS4 this spring

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