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A complete guide to Apple’s AirTag

I lost things last year.

It doesn’t matter how you have the ball. Things can be misplaced very easily. Sometimes we can pop things down and swear they disappear naturally.

If you’re tired of flipping sofa cushions or slippers in front of your car looking for things, Apple’s AirTags are for you.

Basically, AirTags is like Find My iPhone, but you can use it for almost anything you have. Whether it’s your luggage, an instrument, a tool, or any other weird and wacky item you have.

This handy guide will show you how to set up and use Apple AirTag.

AirTag is a very easy way to monitor your stuff. It’s perfect for things you’ve lost nearby, as you can find them just by pinging them. Like a weird scavenger hunt, you have to follow the sound of AirTag.

Precision Finding means that the iPhone provides the distance and explains how far the AirTag is actually.

You may be familiar with the lost mode of other Apple products such as Apple Watch. You can also put AirTag in lost mode so you’ll be automatically notified when it’s detected by your device.

If the lost item isn’t within your listening distance, don’t panic. Find My Network helps you track AirTag.

You will never lose anything.

AirTag is very clever and works by sending a secure Bluetooth signal detected by devices in the FindMy network.

These devices send the AirTag location to iCloud so you can view it in the Find My app.

Of course, everything is very secure and your privacy is at the forefront of importance.

Setting up AirTags has never been easier. It’s as easy as putting it near your iPhone. When you unzip AirTag, you’ll see a small pop-up to connect to your device.

You will also see instructions on how to get started. You can use the Find My app on your iPhone to find items that have AirTag turned on.

You could even set up Siri to help you find your item-like your own personal assistant who doesn’t charge you big bucks!

Get tracking.

Looking at the items we most often misplace, it’s like your key, purse, purse, or bag. Popping AirTag on these items or inside these items will help you keep the items from being lost again.

You can even track the most ambiguous items. Please say the remote control of the TV. It may be a little bulky, but in a desperate era, desperate measures are needed.

Perhaps there are a lot of bike thefts in your area and I’m worried that someone will steal your bike. Simply pop the AirTag under your seat for easy tracking.

Some of the items you want to track may be kept outdoors where they are frozen or rarely charred.

Perhaps you slipped it into your favorite jacket pocket and your partner accidentally threw it into the bathroom.

Apple AirTag is IP67 compliant for water resistance and dust resistance. This will allow you to handle all conditions.

When you get yours?

Apple AirTag may sound like a futuristic technology, but you can only imagine it with one hell price tag.

All we can say is that it actually starts at just £ 29 and you also have the option to buy multiple AirTag packs.

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A complete guide to Apple’s AirTag A complete guide to Apple’s AirTag

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