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During the Indian Premier League (IPL) in 2020, an incident occurred that allegedly made an illegal approach to Indian cricket players. A Delhi-based nurse was accused of asking players for confidential team information on social media because he wanted to bet on an IPL match.

The approach is said to have taken place on September 30th in the middle of the tournament, with the nurse pretending to be a doctor working in a hospital in South Delhi. Cricket, who represented India a few years ago, reported the issue to BCCI’s Anti-Corruption Unit (ACU).

Cricket players and nurses met online about three years ago, according to sources. She claimed to be a fan and said she was a Delhi-based doctor in a private hospital. It turns out that the cricket player recently contacted her and asked her for advice on precautions to prevent the novel’s infection. Coronavirus..

BCCI’s ACU chief Ajit Singh confirmed the development, but said the issue was now “closed.” “The player reported to us during the IPL. After an investigation, the problem was resolved. The person who approached the player was not an expert (it had nothing to do with any betting syndicate), and more. No leads were found.

I investigated it thoroughly. The accused knew the player. We took all the details when the player reported the problem. Later, we asked her a question, but she didn’t find anything. The problem has been resolved. ” India Express..

According to BCCI sources, the cricketer told ACU that he had never met a woman, only interacted with her on social media.

“He said he didn’t know where she lived or worked. During an online conversation, she said she wanted to bet on the player. That’s why she wants to know about matches and XI play. I thought, “said a BCCI source.

Cricketer is said to have responded with an angry emoji and warned police to inform him of her approach. Officials said she told him to remove all messages after making a crying smiley and assured him not to tell anyone about their conversation.

The incident was revealed about a month after contacting ACU after another IPL player was approached by his acquaintance on social media. Players who felt suspicious notified the team’s management.

ACU held an online seminar for players and executives prior to the tournament, warning them about their approach to social media by claiming fans and aspirants. The IPL was hit by a spot-correction scandal in 2013, resulting in a two-year suspension of Chennai Super Kings and Rajasthan Royals.

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A Delhi nurse approaches an Indian player for inside information on an IPL A Delhi nurse approaches an Indian player for inside information on an IPL

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