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Last week, Amazon promised to “correct” all PlayStation 5 customers who didn’t receive the console they paid for after many received replacement items or nothing at all.

Well, in the middle of the week, I checked in with some of the affected people to see what was going on and if Amazon kept the word.

In short, no one I spoke to had seen a dramatic reversal of their destiny. None of the consoles that customers believed were stolen suddenly happened, and Amazon has no new PS5 in stock to try to replace.

Some people are still waiting for the money to actually show up, but refunds have been made to everyone I talked to. Most items are offered in small quantities in the form of Amazon Gift Certificates. It usually costs around £ 10, but in some cases up to £ 50, in some cases £ 150.

Many people told me they turned down their compensation because Amazon still had £ 450 of money and hadn’t delivered the consoles they paid for. Others said they canceled future Amazon pre-orders and binned their Amazon Prime subscription.

Amazon has never accepted a stolen PS5 pre-order or admitted fraud on behalf of warehouse staff or staff driving Amazon-branded delivery vehicles.

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Many people get a small amount of compensation, but initially it was only given to those who took the time to contact Amazon’s customer support team. Dan Smith, a reader of , one of the affected customers, told me that navigating Amazon’s customer service layer was “it was like a video game in itself.”

“First level customer service-5 pounds promotional credit. Second level-10 pounds,” Smith said. “Honestly, it costs more time than a voucher is worth going that route. I saw some people were given £ 150 (one shared his email with me). I asked, but I didn’t share it publicly). Executive Customer Service did not offer compensation twice, even though I knew that others were being offered. Overall, it doesn’t seem to cost you money, depending on how tenacious you are … “

Another affected customer, Lauren Barrett, told me that when he called Amazon four times throughout the weekend, retailers gave me multiple possible explanations of what happened to the delivery. -Neighbors received it, drivers returned it to the depot, and Amazon is actually experiencing “widespread problems” internally and prioritizes customers with new PS5 orders when possible I tried to rank.

“I don’t know if I can trust them again for this!” Barrett said. “There was no cohesive response / resolution plan at all. The lack of ownership they were involved in made it even more frustrating. Still, I bought 20 scalpers and bots just to sell in three. I let you. Price. I hope this shows a change in the way people shop-I don’t think it will change the way Amazon does business! “

Now notorious cat food.

Jamie Arkadimi, who told last week that he saw a courier run away on the PS5, took steps to contact the police.

Over the weekend, Arkadimi found his order from Amazon-returned to the depot-and was told it would be with him within 48 hours. However, this soon turned out to be a further mistake, and I was told to wait 48 hours again while Amazon was investigating.

Meanwhile, he handed a driveway CCTV footage from a neighbor’s security camera to a police officer to prove that a delivery van with a PS5 had visited his address, but his console was never handed over. did not. He then used the credit card company’s own fraudulent facility to return the money to Amazon.

Another affected customer was also informed by Amazon that the package was first found, but told me that this turned out to be an “error.” They wondered if this was an empty box scanned back into the warehouse to delay Amazon’s own investigation.

Last night, Amazon gave all the affected customers I was talking about a fresh statement about what happened and a suggestion that perhaps-probably-may be prioritized for future PS5 stocks. We have sent a comprehensive email containing. For some, this was their first contact with Amazon throughout the process. For others, it came after they had already given up.

The email explains that all affected PS5 orders will be refunded (even if you previously refused the refund), and that you had a new £ 10 credit (again, there is no way to refuse). It seems that). Promotional credits will be automatically deducted from the next eligible order.

Image Credit: leader Adam Jackson.

“I know how excited you were about the new PS5 order. I apologize for not receiving the item,” Amazon wrote in an email as saw. “We are still investigating why the item was not delivered. We cannot exchange the item, so we asked for a full refund of this delivery, including shipping costs. We also applied £ 10. To your account. Promotional credits. We will contact you if redemption possibilities become feasible within the next few weeks. “

That last line seems to suggest that Amazon may try to offer something to those who had problems last week, but the amount of inventory Sony provides to Amazon and this is actually It can also depend on when it occurs.

Sony this afternoon twitter The PS5 was “the biggest console launch ever” and its demand was “unprecedented”. There is no guarantee that inventory will increase before Christmas, and it seems difficult to find inventory for the time being. “We wanted to make sure our PS5 inventory would reach retailers by the end of the year. Keep in touch with local retailers,” Sony said.

Almost a week later, those affected by Amazon’s problems remain without consoles, and there is little hope that retailers may intervene to further assist them.

They have no answer as to how much of the order went missing, who was responsible, and how much Amazon actually knew.

Everyone seems to have given up hope of seeing the PS5 they paid for. The PS5 once sat in an Amazon box with his name on it. But do they have £ 10 promotional credits?


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