A franchise couple who is still shockingly together

The 90-day fiance viewers were convinced that these couples would break up, but they surprised everyone by sticking together and sustaining their relationship.

Newcomer 90 days fiance Fandom is often shocked to find that many of the show’s couples have a successful relationship, but some surprise viewers with a happier ending than others. There are couples on the show who are obviously together for love, but some are hoping that the fans will break up before the end of the season. Still, even the most suspicious couples may be able to make it work.

on 90 days fianceA common concern is that the show’s foreign cast members are only with their current partners because they want a green card. When a couple’s relationship looks volatile, many fans assume that their foreign partner is seeking citizenship and speculate that the couple can’t stand the test of time.But the viewers have them 90 days fiance The couple will last a long time And you can make their relationship work well.

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When creating a story, shows often include the most dramatic and explosive moments from a couple’s relationship, as producers find it to be a more engaging television. However, that approach does not always provide a complete depiction of the cast members’ lives. As a result, viewers are often surprised when an unstable couple of shows have a successful relationship. These are the couples whose happy endings were the most shocking to their fans.

Narquia Reisan & Orlowo Shodipe

Orlow Washodi Penalty Ray Sun 90 Days Fiance

The relationship between Narquia and Orlowo began with lies, so most viewers thought their relationship would never last. The couple’s explosive fight at the show only reinforces that opinion.But later 90 days fiance Season 4, Narquia and Orlowo I’m still happy to be married together. The couple will have their daughter Nifemi in 2020 and appear to be living the best of their lives.

Matt Ryan & Ala Fedrk

Matt and Ara 90 days fiance

Many fans saw a red flag in the relationship between Matt and Ara. This is mainly due to the unconventional way they started dating and because Ara can’t say “I love” her fiancée. However, Matt and Ara are still married and raising a family, so they must be laughing at the person they dislike. Ala’s son from a previous relationship joined his mother in the United States, and the couple also welcomed their daughter and expected another baby.

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David Toboroski & Annie Swan

Annie and David: 90-day Fiance 2019 Update

There were many problems early in David’s relationship with Annie, mainly due to David’s financial slump. Annie seemed miserable when she first came to America, and David’s drinking was a big problem in their relationship.Many viewers suspected that they were going down the aisle, but nowadays David and Annie celebrate their fifth wedding anniversary.. Couples have become one of the franchise’s biggest success stories, and their critics have proven wrong.

Josh & Aika Butterson

Josh Aika 90th Fiance

on 90 days fiance In Season 5, Josh and Aika had a major obstacle to their relationship. Aika, then 36, desperately wanted to start giving birth, but Josh had a vasectomy. The couple got married at the end of the season, even though they didn’t completely solve the problem, and most viewers were convinced that Josh and Aika would solve the baby’s problem. However, although the couple have no children yet, they are still married and live in Arizona.

Eric Rosenbrook & Reida Margaresa

Eric and Reida are a very hated couple from the franchise, but that’s not why fans doubted their relationship would last. Reida came from a wealthy family and was accustomed to a much higher standard of living than Eric could offer her in the United States. Reida also headed to Eric’s daughter and even received a restraint order against her. Despite their many difficulties Eric and Reida are still together— Great for the regrets of the fans.

Anna Campisi & Marcel Mistanogle

Season 7 Anne and Marcel 90 days fiance

on 90 days fiance In Season 7, Anna and Marcel said they, including the fact that Anna’s children couldn’t stand Marcel and Marcel didn’t tell the Turkish family that his new fiancé Anna had a child of a previous relationship. Faced a big hurdle in the relationship. The couple broke up temporarily at the show, but eventually got married and are still alive. Recently, Anna revealed that she and Marcel wanted more children and were about to give birth by surrogacy.

Robert Springs & Annie Francisco

Robert Springs Annie Francisco 90th Fiance

Many viewers questioned Robert’s relationship with Annie. The main reason is that the couple had little time to spend together before getting engaged. When Annie arrived in the United States, fans were even more convinced that the relationship wouldn’t last long because they looked so mismatched. Annie enjoys expensive things and Robert prefers a more modest lifestyle.But the couple proved their hatred was wrong and recently Robert and Annie welcomed their second baby together..

Blake Abelard & Jasmine Latinen

Break and Jasmine 90 Days Fiance Season 7

Fans were convinced that when Jasmine first arrived in the United States, her cold and aloof attitude didn’t seem to bother her fiancée, so she was using breaks on her green card. rice field. Her situation was even more suspicious, as her sister had already acquired US citizenship and Jasmine clearly wanted to join her in the United States. But after Season 7, Blake and Jasmine are still together and look very happy. Perhaps Jasmine’s attitude when the camera isn’t spinning is very different.

Jenny Slatten & Sumito Singh

90 Days Fiancé Smit and Jenny: Other Ways

Jenny and Smit first started talking in 2012, and despite the fact that they aren’t married yet, they’re still shockingly dating. Almost a decade after their first interaction, many fans are surprised that Smit managed to keep Jenny persistent as long as he was there.Viewers who thought Jenny would eventually reach her limits have proven to be wrong, and the couple are still dating despite what it looks like: Smit is not going to marry Jenny..

NS 90 days fiance The franchise has seen many couples with problematic relationships. Many of them shouldn’t have gathered in the first place, and by the time they appear on the show, farewell seems inevitable. But even the most suspicious couples can surprise their fans in a way that makes their relationships work well in the real world. It may be shocking to see these couples together, but their happiness and growing family is a great surprise.

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Sumit90Day Fiancé_Other Ways

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