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Everyone was clearly hoping for the next generation NBA 2K21 problem. 2K is usually wrestling with the online components of new games and has the additional problem of using new hardware. Also, the supply of next-generation consoles is currently limited, making the 2K series a more malicious year than at least two seasons. At the same time, the next-generation preview was exciting a lot of us, so we competed for a lot of excitement and a lot of luggage launches based on our recent long-term history.

But I think the big point I have now is that it’s back to what many people in the OS have talked about in the past. It separates technical and “fun” issues. We need to look at the issues that are there now and clarify what needs to be fixed now, what we can wait for, and what we need more time to determine. After watching a video of Chris Smooth called “The Godfather of 2K” in honor, I wanted to write about this, but the storm around the # Make2KFunAgain hashtag has cooled.

# Make2KFunAgain

There’s a lot of noise around this release, partly because the sparse nature of next-generation consoles doesn’t even allow anyone to even play new games right now. As a result, there were people who had never played the game or boosted hashtags who just wanted to sit in the echo chamber. Beyond that, when the fever went down a few degrees, I said this in a flyby tweet:

I said it after the first topic because I didn’t want to wake up the scene, and I didn’t want to get involved in what I thought was a bit of a nasty topic, but I meant it. The general context of hashtags like “Make2KFunAgain” is too broad to be useful. “Fun” is a very broad concept of video games, and beyond that it makes it difficult for developers to actually get to the heart of what the community is talking about. It wasn’t that some people didn’t make good suggestions — many big content creators did — or didn’t get involved with hashtags in a useful and serious way, but elsewhere too. There were also many noisy components.

This happens with almost all forms of social media. This is for the same reason that many Madden hashtags were fun for those who wanted to complain and feel like they were making changes, but in the end EA. #FixMaddenFranchise was (for now) in the form of a success story as it focused on a particular topic after the very specific news that the franchise mode had not been upgraded. There was a reaction from EA, but I still really have to wait Madden 22 See if it worked on a larger scale, and even success stories.

This isn’t what I jump on the table and wave to people using “useless” hashtags. If you want to annoy a big company that monopolizes your favorite sport, go to Ham. I’m not a fun police officer. Other than giving yourself a sweet and sweet dopamine hit, I’m just saying I don’t know how useful it really is. That is what guides me to my next point.

Divide fun from technology

Staff were relatively expensive in the next generation NBA 2K21 After launch, I think it applies to the entire OS.Part of it comes from frustration with the current generation NBA 2K21However, there is also the feeling that there are some important structural changes and improvements that have long been postponed in the end related to gameplay.

But let’s make it clear from the beginning that there are many problems here. Perhaps one or two “major” issues aren’t the issue, it’s like 100 small cuts away from fun. These small cuts will probably be big, depending on what experience you’re looking for this year, but this is mostly expected in next-generation launch games. That’s why we’re back in the Smoove video as a way to patience with many of these “fun” things that people want to change right away.

The biggest “fun” I’ve seen most often is related to poster dunks being too effective. Smoove has boosted that, as is the 5v5 setting, but certainly it’s probably OP now. But if that’s the biggest issue that’s been talked about many times, it’s a good place for gameplay. The less people are on the court in the 2 to 2 setting, as well as the context, the easier it is to launch and dunk, and the 5 to 5 setting allows you to work early. It gets in the way and fouls. It’s finally paying again this year, and it’s easy to unmark someone without an elite badge. I think it’s still too easy for people to get by just using a turbo, but this year body position will be more important.

In other words, I would preach here with this “fun” problem and others who like it. I think pick and roll requires some work. You can do more to prevent the unpleasant rebound habit from the block. I think shooting is a little too easy for all-stars. I think we can use more fouls as a whole. I think that haste defense still needs love. But it’s okay for developers to barely touch these things for at least the next two weeks. 2K developers are so fast to patch and adjust gameplay that running too fast can cost a lot.

This is not a new topic either. I’ve talked a lot about this in the past, but especially 2K was too fast to patch or affect the “meta” right after its release. Give people the feel of a game. Let people see if they have found a way to stop dunking. Before you get in and start pulling the lever, let people see if they can figure out how to change the “meta” themselves.

Let the beginning of this new generation be a time to learn and change, not to double the mistakes of the past.

During the interim period, you should instead focus 100% on the technical stuff that was also included in that “fun” hashtag. Something like fixing the frame rate in The City is, in a sense, a “fun” issue. Because they annoy you and hurt the game, in reality they are just bugs. Such technical issues should have already been fixed — or first and foremost. Fix the Mamba Mentality badge that causes the error code. The same is true if you want to make some small adjustments around the edges. For example, one of the roster updates seems to have helped a bit in pick-and-roll defense in CPU games. However, be worried about changing the meta in the coming weeks after first focusing on the “bug”.

Otherwise, give everyone the opportunity to play this game. Give everyone the opportunity to play AI, play in Rec, or play in a fixed city. If the problem is still a poster, or if the player is all too good at this new build model, then 3 or a dunk should be reduced a bit to make the defense a little easier. But I’m feeling the “pressure” to act now, so just don’t make any changes.

It’s as silly as a monopoly, so it also gives you the opportunity to schedule. Developers also fix technical issues that affect everyone equally, and slow walk gameplay with little impact, especially if there are no two aspects to the discussion like gameplay elements. You can choose tuning and patching.

NBA 2K21 Our Action on Next Generation Issues

As part of this effort to become a different voice, one thing we do here at the OS is to be more vocal, consistent with our feelings as a community. So I’m working on a next generation feedback system here. Here, we’ll summarize the most common bugs and suggestions in the OS and place them frequently in one place so that you can easily see what 2K is. Affect the sim-oriented community.

We don’t have a perfect list, but we hope to do this semi-regularly in the next generation of NBA 2K, Madden, and FIFA, and will extend it to other games that will be released in the future.

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