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Congrats! You and your PlayStation 5 are ready to start creating content on Twitch. DualSense wireless controller[作成]Thanks to the buttons, starting a stream from console comfort is faster than ever. The guides below show you how to set up a Twitch account, adjust some of your Twitch settings, and live stream from PS5 to Twitch.

Many streamers choose to start streaming on their laptop or computer, but fortunately, most gamers have everything they need to start streaming in the living room. If you have a PlayStation 5 console, you can use Twitch in just a few steps *.

1. Create a Twitch account from your mobile device or computer. We recommend downloading Twitch to your iOS or Android phone and adjusting the stream settings on the fly. This is easy to do with the Twitch app’s Stream Manager.

2. Personalize your channel so that viewers can recognize who you are when they find your page. You can change your profile picture and biography on mobile, and customize some additional settings via your web browser. Set up your entire Creator Camp page for your personal branding and customize your channel page to show you and everywhere you can reflect your brand.

3. We recommend that you log in to your Twitch account from your web browser before you start streaming. This allows you to establish moderation and safety settings to ensure a better experience for your growing community. AutoMod is a great tool that acts as the first line of defense for moderation by detecting messages in chats that are flagged as inappropriate and not displaying them until you or your moderator reviews and approves them. is. You can also update your settings to automatically filter from channels, including custom lists of words and phrases.

Streaming from PlayStation 5 console

1. First, you need to follow the on-screen instructions to scan the QR code or enter the code provided on / activate to link your Twitch account to your PlayStation Network. If you already have a PlayStation Network account and a Twitch account linked on your PS4, you can migrate it to your PS5 during this process. Keep in mind that even if you’re migrating a linked PlayStation Network & Twitch account, you still need two-factor authentication to stream from your PS5.

2. While playing the game, the controller[作成]After pressing the button[作成]From options[ブロードキャスト]Select and[Twitch]Choose. You can also select broadcast from your customized control center. The player can also use the DualSense controller microphone for broadcast audio.

3. Give the stream a title, add a PlayStation 5 HD camera if possible, and customize the overlay position.[システム]Of the menu[キャプチャとブロードキャスト]You can also select a video quality option from the section.

Tip: It will be automatically placed in the game category of the game you are playing. To maximize searchability and follower engagement, we recommend using the Twitch iOS or Android app to select a custom launch notification and add tags.

Four.[ライブ配信]Click to start streaming.

5. To stop streaming, on the controller[作成]Press the button[作成]From options[ブロードキャスト]After selecting[ブロードキャストの停止]Choose. You can also press the PlayStation button to stop broadcasting through the Control Center or broadcast card. Or[作成]From options[ブロードキャストの一時停止]You can also take a break by selecting.

We recommend that you ensure upgraded audio and visuals to improve the quality of your stream. Audio quality is important for connecting with the viewer. If you are interested in getting your viewers to see what you are doing while playing, you need to buy a PlayStation 5 HD camera.

This guide is just the beginning of your Twitch journey. I am very happy to meet you on the way. Whether you’re streaming Twitch as a hobby or wanting to build a career, your path as a content creator is unique. You don’t have to plan a perfect stream. Take the time to enjoy as much as you can while sharing your next-generation PlayStation 5 experience with the community and the world.

* Internet connection is required to watch and stream via Twitch.

A guide to streaming games using Twitch on PS5

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