A Guide to The Fashion And Art Scene in Milan

In Milan the fashion and art atmosphere there is amongst the best in the world. It is a city that beautifully blends the ‘old’ and the ‘new’, and there are history and creativity threaded throughout that only adds to what the city is today.

Lovers of fashion and art will have plenty to see and experience here, and to explore this scene in Milan and do it in ways you will remember is worth the planning. Of course, however, in order to go and look like a Milanese art director or expert, you should attempt to dress the part to really submerse yourself into the design scene in order to capture the full experience.

Here are some ways to experience and submerge yourself into the fashion and art scene in Milan:

Look The Part

First, to appreciate the fashion scene: you gotta look the part! Think about classic Milanese brands and those beautiful looks that Milanese women and men sport all around the city.

Begin your own looks and your Milan-inspired collection with the perfect handbag. You’ll see Milanese women always have stylish handbags, and while many of them are classic, many of them are also unique.

You can find artisanal bags available online with international delivery via sites like Mirta, with 100% Made in Italy high-quality and stylish designer top handle bags and many other styles available. Then as you create more outfits, play around with your favorite pieces and incorporate that ‘effortless’ but always stylish Milanese way with fashion.

Fondazione Prada 

Head to Fondazione Prada to see modern and contemporary art, and also to appreciate the architecture of the exhibit space as well. Some artists featured here include Dan Flavin and Anish Kapoor, as well as features for new and upcoming artists.

This place is where fashion and art truly meet and works together, it’s the holy grail for those who worship the two worlds. Miuccia Prada has always been a huge supporter of art, Prada supported countless restoration projects in Italy on top of opening up its own museum in the southern part of Milan that is 100% a must-see.

Classic historical galleries such as The Flat

There are many historical galleries in Milan that are must-see for art lovers. For example, The Flat – Massimo Carasi, located in Porta Venezia hosts international contemporary and currently Michelangelo Penso’s exhibit  ‘Cronòtopo’. Some other historical galleries to visit are Cardi Gallery, Tommaso Calabro Gallery, and Deep Art Gallery.

Museo Novecento 

Museo Novecento is a museum in Milan that is home to over 400 works of 20th-century art. With so much history here in Milan, it is an entirely unique and also beautiful experience to explore the modern Italian art history scene. This museum also is conveniently located next to the Duomo and sports incredible views over the city, giving you a sense of the old Milan and the new, bright future that this city has in front of it.

Walk around the Isola area for street art

While there are many incredible museums and art galleries to see in Milan, it is a must to also see and experience street art in the city. Isola is a neighborhood in Milan that is home to some incredible street art, and while this area was once a working-class district of the city, it is now a hip art district that many people are drawn to visit and live in. A couple of popular streets to walk down are Via Carmagnola and Angelo Della Pergola.

Milan is one of the most interesting cities in the world for art, on top of being famous for fashion. It is a special place, where there is so much history and beauty to be seen in this “small” but robust city. No matter where your creative interests are, from fashion to art there is something for everything here in Milan.

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