A hidden way of Street Fighter Alpha 2 unlocks Shin Akuma, discovered 25 years later

Twenty-five years later, it was discovered that Street Fighter Alpha 2 could unlock the new Akuma.

Modder Gizaha was trying to reverse engineer the code in the game in hopes of improving performance. In doing so, he came across a series of steps to give players access to the new Akuma. The character has emerged as a secret boss character, but only recently has it become known how to unlock it.

To play as a Shin Akuma in SNES Street Fighter Alpha 2, follow these steps:

1. Clear Alpha 2 Arcade Mode and get the new number one high score
2. When asked to record the score, enter the initials “KAJ” and then return to the title screen.
3. You need a second controller to complete the next part. Player 2 must hold down L, X, Y, and Start all together on the Start screen while the first controller is navigating and selecting Versus.
4. When the character selection screen is loaded, both players can select a new demon simply by holding down Start and selecting a character.
5. If the code is successful, Akuma’s gray gi will turn purple on the stage selection screen.

Note that the same process works in arcade mode. However, Eventhubs states that the game is “slightly bugged out.”

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Street Fighter Alpha 2 hidden method discovered after 25 years to unlock Shin Akuma

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