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NBA legendary KC Jones, who won 12 championships as a player or coach, died this week at the age of 88.Longtime agent Guy Zucker Recalling his first interaction with the then head coach of the Boston Celtics.

At the beginning of 1987, I was a freshman at Boston University. Before arriving in the United States, I was a journalist in Israel, so while studying I continued to cover sports in various Israeli media.

The Celtics were the NBA champions at the time.

Approaching the KC JonesThe head coach asked him for a short interview after the match at the old Boston Garden. “Tell me your number,” he said. “Someone from the Celtics will call you.”

I was convinced he was polite and didn’t expect a phone call. However, within two days the staff called me and said he was ready to go see KC at 3:00 pm the next day.

“Do you want to practice?” I asked Wayne Lebeau (Celtics equipment and road manager), the man who came to pick me up the next day. “No, I’m going to KC’s house,” he said.

I couldn’t believe it.

Entering KC’s house, he wouldn’t have been any better. I was a young foreigner, but he treated me with incredible interest and respect. There weren’t even traces of the swollen ego that is common in professional sports.

“What are you studying?” He asked (thinking politely) before starting the interview.


“Is there anything interesting?”

“In fact, I’m writing a term paper on the evolution of street basketball leaders.”


“Yes, I’ve been observing streetball for the past six weeks and have found some patterns that seem to repeat in every situation. The fact that players usually don’t know each other before playing together. Nevertheless, it seems that it takes less than 5-10 minutes for the leader to appear. “

As I said this, I realized that KC was listening seriously. Then he said: “When you’re done, can you make a copy for me?”

“Of course,” I said. “What do you need it for?”

“It sounds really interesting,” he said, “maybe I could learn something from it.”

I sat completely on the floor. The head coach of NBA champion Boston Celtics was asking for my sociology treatise. Because he thought he could learn something new from it.


The moment of silence between the former Boston Celtics and the inducted KC Jones before the Boston Celtics-Brooklyn Nets match at TD Garden on December 25, 2020 in Boston, Massachusetts. (Photo by Omar Rawlings / Getty Images)

So when I was done, I made a copy in KC and gave it to him after the next Celtics game. He thanked me. He also never forgot to say hello every time he met me later. He once found me in a summer league match when he was the head coach of the Seattle SuperSonics. He came and sat next to me and we saw the whole half together.

I never forgot KC’s kindness, humility and curiosity. It taught me a great lesson. When I read his death a few days ago, I decided to share this story for the first time.

Thank you, KC Jones!

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A little story about the kindness of KC Jones A little story about the kindness of KC Jones

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