A man shocked through a video game controller after a lightning strike


Photo: MLADEN ANTONOV (((Getty Images).

Man from Robertson County, Tennessee was playing a video game during a storm on Saturday night. A nearby lightning strike shocked him straight. The wire of his controller.

As WKRN Report, When the man was playing after supper He was beaten and sought help from the ambulance crew.

Josh Rice, assistant director of Robertson County Emergency Medical Services, told News 2 that doctors responded to a call from a man who was struck by a lightning strike at Green Briar around 9:15 pm on Saturday.

When the crew arrived, they said they determined that the man’s house had been struck or that a lightning bolt had hit nearby, and he was shocked through the video game controller.

During this time sound Bad, he’s okay!He was able to make a phone call, and when the ambulance crew arrived, they noticed that he did not appear. I was injured, “I wanted to check out to make sure he wasn’t injured. ” I didn’t have to take it to a local hospital.

Lightning strikes while playing video games are no joke!I remember playing San Andreas Old PS2 and a tree just outside the bedroom window Struck by lightning.. Unlike this unlucky man, nothing I had or sat on passed through.But my TV was strangely fried. After that, the color was only displayed in various shades of purple.

This may sound like a one millionth event, but karma Professional Rocket League player, I was playing a game with a wired video game controller during the storm, and exactly the same thing happened...

In this case she was even more unlucky than a man in Robertson County like Karma Actually burned her hand, And the shock melted the USB connection port on the controller she was using.

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