A mysterious Nintendo Switch game leaked by GameFly

A new and mysterious Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite game has been leaked from GameFly. Retailers such as Microsoft Store, Walmart, and Amazon have been acclaimed for game leaks over the years, but GameFly has also recently leaked some games and is now Grow: Song of the Evertree for the Switch and Switch Lite. Is leaking. That said, for now, this is more or less all that it leaked.

The list reveals the title of the game, but not the media. In fact, there isn’t even box art that accompanies the list. Mentioned is 505 Games, which appears to have published a mystery title. There is also a release date of November 30, 2021, but it’s unclear if this is a placeholder. November 30, 2021 is Tuesday, the most common day for games to be released outside of Friday. This means that the date itself will be checked out, but that does not mean that it should not be taken with a grain of salt.

Not only does the list show almost nothing about the game, but it hasn’t been announced yet, so I don’t know anything about the game at all. In other words, this isn’t a port, but I’m still not sure if it’s dedicated to Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite.

At the time of publication, none of the people involved (505 Games, Nintendo, GameFly) have commented on this leak. Whenever this changes, we’ll update the story, but it’s more likely that an official announcement will be made before comments. Usually, if a retailer or service leaks a game because the list is posted too early, it indicates an imminent announcement. In addition, even if this isn’t the case, leaks can accelerate announcements due to bean spills (update: GameFly has been pulling the list since its release).

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