A mysterious person infected with the COVID “Variety of Concerns” found in the United Kingdom

“Best evidence” indicates that the person is at home and has no signs of further infection, Hancock said.

“There are concerns that COVID mutants may spread more easily, may evade the immune system, or vaccines may be less effective against it.’

However, as a precautionary measure, he added that there would be more local tests.

The latest developments took place after six cases of the P1 variant were discovered in the UK last week, but one was not identified because this person was unable to properly fill out the test registration card.

The Minister of Health said that the current vaccines being deployed in the UK have “not yet been studied for this variant” but “understand what impact it may have”. Said that was in progress.

“One of the most dangerous things about this virus is that about one-third of people infected with the virus show no symptoms at all,” Hancock said.

Therefore, prompt and regular inspections are an “important part” of the UK’s response to the pandemic, he said.

Hancock also confirmed that two-fifths of the UK’s total adult population is vaccinated.

He added that the government is “on track” to provide the first vaccination to all adults by the end of July.

Source: IANS

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