A new Apex Legends update fixes the Season 7 Battle Pass Challenge

Released by Developer Respawn The latest update to Apex Legends that is currently available. The new update addresses the unfair grind of the Battle Pass of Season 7: Ascension by changing the way the challenge works, and also makes some other in-game tweaks.

At the start of Season 7, the format of the weekly challenge changed from what was used from Season 2: Battle Charge to Season 6: Boost. Challenges dropped weekly recurring challenges, making it more difficult to level with a Battle Pass without spending serious time on the weekly game.

In addition, weekly tasks have become more specific and difficult to complete. For example, Season 6 had the challenge of having to play a certain amount of games with a particular character, but Season 7 adjusted these types of challenges so that players could play: I was forced to do it. 1 A particular character in a certain number of games. This was especially unfair to players who purchased all the characters and didn’t unlock them. This is because you can challenge one character that may not be accessible.

All of that is (thankfully) gone, as the weekly challenge format has reverted to the old format seen in the season before the start of the third week. At the cost of the first or second week, Respawn offers all players 10 free battles. Pass level regardless of how far you have reached the previous Season 7 Battle Pass. Simply log in and your level will be unlocked automatically.

The rest of the update is intended to fix bugs and exploits that have appeared in Apex Legends since the start of Season 7. For example, the update removes an exploit that allows players to place Rampart Miniguns on Crypto drones, making squads unreasonably powerful. A flying death machine (albeit ridiculous). You can read the entire patch notes below.

Apex Legends November 18th Patch Note Update

  • Weekly Challenge Returned to Season 6 Format
  • Everyone who logs in will be given 10 Battle Pass levels
  • Rampart’s turret on a crypto drone
  • Audio adjustment
  • Other fixes

再生中: エーペックスレジェンドシーズン7–バトルパストレーラー


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