A new perspective on penguins chase revealed in Lego sets

The Batman Lego Set offers a new look for Matt Reeves DC movies Catwoman, Batcave, Riddler, Alfred, Batmobile, as well as penguins tracking.

New lego set Batman It reveals the new look of the movie Penguins Chase and many other notable new peaks in the movie. Batman Is the latest version of the DC Batman franchise, this time directed by Matt Reeves and starring Robert Pattinson as the protagonist. The film co-stars Colin Farrell as a penguins, Paul Dano as a riddler, and Zoe Kravitz as Catwoman. Jeffrey Wright as Gordon CommissionerAndy Serkis as Alfred Pennyworth.

Most of the aforementioned characters can be seen in the first trailer of Batman, Car chase is also teased with the penguins in the movie. The new Batmobile in the trailer and images is a very different version of the iconic car than ever seen. Zoe Kravitz in Catwoman costume and Paul Dano in a variation of his costume as a riddler have also been teased. Wright’s Jim Gordon also stands out in the first trailer, but Serkis’ Alfred is only audible and invisible to the camera. New trailer Batman Expected Debuting on October 16th at DC FanDome, featuring new footage from the next movie.

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However, Lego May have defeated DC FanDome in terms of a new peak in Batman, Because the company has released a detailed survey of the wave of movie sets. One of those sets focuses on Penguins Chase, which has both Batman and Penguins minifigures, along with Batmobile. The additional set includes Batcave, which features a number of minifigures, along with Batman, Bruce Wayne, Catwoman, and Riddler minifigs, and is the first to see Andy Serkis’ version of Alfred (in minifigure format). Another set includes Batman and Catwoman, and also comes with a new Bat-Signal. Finally, LEGO will bring a new Batmobile to the Technic line. There is also a light-up brick on this line. All sets will be released on November 1, 2021. Check out the images in the set below.

LEGO has produced many Batman-related sets in the past, covering not only various movie incarnations, but also original sets made exclusively for the company.Recently, Lego created two adult builder sets for Tim Burton’s 1989. Batman, One featuring Batmobile and the other featuring Batwing.Lego has announced another new Batmobile set, this time for Christopher Nolan dark Knight A trilogy featuring a vehicle known as a tumbler.

Batman It is said that it is not a movie of origin, rather than starting from scratch, in the second year of Bruce Wayne’s Batman journey.This movie has the concept of the Multiverse introduced in the 2022s, but it looks like it’s set in its own DC Universe. flash, It’s still unclear if that will continue, as the film includes both Michael Keaton from separate films within the DC Universe and Ben Affleck as Batman. No matter where the movie fits in the DC Universe, many have high expectations for it, says star Andy Serkis. Batman It will be another masterpiece From director Matt Reeves.

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A new perspective on penguins chase revealed in Lego sets

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