A new return patch fixes a save issue

Return developer Housemarque has released a new patch, 1.3.4, specifically for the recently released PlayStation 5. This seems to solve the problem introduced in the previous patch that essentially broke the video game. Developers had to pull the old patch, and the new patch basically just reverted the title to the previous stable 1.3.1 build, fixing trophies and keyboard exploit issues as well.

That said, there is no guarantee that some people who have problems with previous patches will be able to recover some saves, while others will not. If you’re having trouble with a game saved after the return patch 1.3.3 below, you can check out Housemarque’s official guidance.

Saved data for some games will be corrupted in patch 1.3.3, but the file size will be preserved. Players using these save games can safely continue to proceed after installing patch 1.3.4 without having to use the backed up save games.

Unfortunately, other save games are effectively “deleted” by patch 1.3.3, reducing the file size to 0KB. These save games cannot be recovered directly with patch 1.3.4 unless backup save games are available.

In such cases, after installing patch 1.3.4, try using saves backed up from PS +. The PS + full save game allows players to install patch 1.3.4 to safely restore and continue playing.

Depending on your console settings, your cloud saves may have been overwritten by the “deleted” save game above. In this case, even with patch 1.3.4, the progress remains unrecoverable.

You can now return it on your PlayStation 5. As mentioned above, the latest patch restores the title to a stable state so that the saved game can be safely replayed.

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