A perfect Pokeball replica costs $ 99.99 and will ship on Pokemon’s 25th anniversary.

The Pokemon Company has partnered with the high-end Fallout Pipboy Kit, Star Trek Phaser, Doctor Who Sonic Screwdriver, and of course the Wand Company, which makes wands, to create accurate replicas of Pokeball. They are also creating collectable replicas of the Great Ball, Ultra Ball and Premier Ball, all of which will be rolled out in 2021.

The price of the Wand Company Pokeball is $ 99.99. Pre-orders are available now and will ship on February 27, 2021 — Pokemon’s 25th Anniversary. So what do you need for a $ 100 worth of Pokeball?

According to Pokemon, a replica of die-cast metal, Pokeball, features proximity detection technology. When motion is detected, the ball glows. When you press the button on the Pokeball, “the color of the light changes or the illumination sequence to catch the Pokemon begins”. It also comes with a presentation case and stainless steel ring that allows collectors to display replicas of Pokeball. The case itself also comes with a touch-sensitive metal plaque that illuminates the ball. (Oh, and the battery is It contains. )

Photo: Wand Company / Pokemon Company

The ball doesn’t open and you can’t actually catch the Pokemon. This is also because there are no Pokemon and “don’t throw this Pokeball”.

“This Pokeball is not a toy. It’s a collector’s exhibit designed specifically for the show,” the Wand Company warns in the FAQ. “It has a premium finish and is made of heavy die-cast metal, so it should be handled with care. Throwing a monster ball can damage and injure the monster ball.”

For more information on replica Pokeball, please visit The Wand Company’s website. Pre-orders are currently being accepted at Amazon, Big Bad Toy Store, Sideshow, and Zavvi in ​​the United States. The Pokemon Company has stated that “another special Pokeball replica” will be available exclusively at the Pokemon Center, but details have not been disclosed.

Check out the actual Pokeball replica in the video below.

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