A pretty great king got a sequel in 2023

For King 2 Was announced and is based on a challenging blend of popular original game strategies, RPG combat, and roguelike elements.

This time, you can collaborate with up to four players, or play yourself or with two others, just like the pretty great original.

For the King 2 offers a new biome to explore, an updated art style, and a whole new original soundtrack. In it, you will be taken deep into Faruru, where you will be taken to this adventure land even more than before.

The world of Faruru is constantly changing, featuring a huge number of combinations of characters and items, as well as procedurally generated maps, quests, loot, and events.

Your character should be equipped with the skills and equipment needed to succeed, with an emphasis on strategic decision-making, class, armor, and weapon customization, and careful selection of combat.

You can fight side by side with your friends or split up to request all your loot. This helps increase capabilities, tactical benefits, and synergies. The more you play, the more you can unlock your character’s items forever.

King 2 will be released on PC in 2023.

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