A project to post the instruction manuals for Super Nintendo on the Internet one by one

The plight after retro video games have succumbed to the passage of time is, of course, much made. But while we focus on saving the game itself, what happens to the instruction manual that came with the game?

In some cases, they will be lost forever! Also, people like Peebs who spend a lot of time collecting, cataloging, and scanning and uploading manuals for all Super Nintendo games released so far for future generations to enjoy. I’m lucky to have one. As we did.

Peeves, an American in his mid-thirties, said, “From working in the IT industry and becoming an independent professional wrestler, to working in a failed restaurant, becoming homeless, and getting out of your way, you live a crazy, wild and diverse life. I sent it. ” It. “

Last 6 years He also hosts the Twitch channel, Where he was slowly Trying to beat all Super Nintendo games. In many cases, you will need to refer to the manual to complete a section or find out something. “When I went looking for a scan of the control scheme manual, or just looking for the inside story, most of the time I noticed that they were few or all scattered in every corner. It didn’t take long. The Internet, “says Peeves. “There was a serious lack of organization: files / links with incorrect labels, old old websites with broken interfaces / files, incomplete scans, etc.”

“Some of these manuals have a lot of invaluable information. Sküljagger This is a good example of this, as the first 75 pages of the manual are a storybook with lots of tips on how to find a secret room. Other manuals contain useful information for the game, such as: Wing commander Or ASP Air Strike Patrol When using strange button combinations for in-game commands. Knowing how to save a game makes a big difference. If someone doesn’t understand it, it’s kind of a thing, they may just lose interest in the game right away. “

“Then there is an RPG like Might and magic A game where the manual contains a lot of information about the items and what all the spells do. When I was a kid, we rented a lot, and you were lucky if you got a piece of paper glued inside a plastic case under the control of it. It’s the same as buying a used game from FuncoLand. Carts are often loose. If you can’t find help with a magazine or a friend who knows something, you have to experiment. “

Since all those options suck, Peeves decided to do something about it. “I wanted to put it all together, so if someone wants to play a more weird game, they don’t have to struggle to find a manual scan,” he says. SNES Manual Archive, A site he built to host scanned copies of all Super Nintendo instruction manuals he could get.. “I hope we can save people’s headaches.”

Peebs casually started looking for manual scans many years ago, but it wasn’t until 2018 that they began to take their collection and archiving seriously. After downloading the existing manuals and comparing them to the master release list, he thought about which manuals to target next and tried to track them in the real world. Sports games are one of the easiest to track, “often you can get them for a dollar or two.” Meanwhile, Australia-based Peebs friend Buffalo Joe has been working hard because he was able to scan for “ridiculous”. “Amount of PAL Manual” was very helpful because “PAL games are what you need to import to scan.”

Scanning is not as easy as it looks because the project has two goals. One is obviously to save the platform’s instruction manuals, no matter how ambiguous the game is, but the other is that those manuals Everyone.. “The big key to the project is to make scanning user-friendly and accessible to anyone in the worst case of internet connectivity,” Peebs said, although there are already several SNES manual collections available online. We recognize that they are “archives”. quality”.

“We’re talking about each page having a very high DPI and each looks like 1GB. It’s great for archiving, but it’s file size because you can’t open it on your phone and view it right away. I try to keep it small and easy to read. “

About 600 manual scans were available To SNES Manual Archive When it was opened to the public in September 2020.. Since then, a community has sprung up around the project and fans around the world are eager to help with their submissions.

“About 20 scans were sent on the first day, and then about once a day after that,” says Peebs. “I now get notified when I buy a manual so that others don’t buy the same thing. Currently, there are probably a total of 15-20 manuals in emails from people all over the world, and they I will scan and upload it when I get it. “

The project aims to expand the Super Nintendo collection in the future, but there are over 100 manuals left, at least for Western games and game versions. “The support of the people who contribute to the project is extremely amazing and I am very grateful for all the manuals submitted.”

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