A sequel to “We Can Be Heroes” after his big debut

Robert Rodriguezof We can be heroes Get the sequel at Netflix.. The family superhero movie starring Pedro Pascal and Priyanka Chopra made its debut as a streamer on Christmas Day. According to Netflix, the movie Expected to be viewed by 44 million households In 28 days.

2020 was a year that proved that even a spin-off of the 2005 movie produced by Netflix was possible. Adventure of Shark Boy & Mag Girl..on the other hand We can be heroes Not received critic praise, it was a hit among original-grown millennial and Gen Z viewers, and those who remember Rodriguez. Spy kids series. A cameo from Lavagirl (Taylor Dooley) has also arrived, blowing away nostalgia from a much simpler era.

Netflix reported it We can be heroes It was ranked number one in children’s programming in 88 of 93 countries. The movie has also reached the coveted slots of Netflix’s Top 10 around the world. According to that logic, the sequel can be the ace of holes.While Rodriguez writes, directs, produces, shoots and edits We can be heroes, His involvement in follow-up is still unknown.

December was a big month for Netflix in terms of viewership. Netflix’s premire service has attracted millions of streams as everyone stays home during the holiday season.George Clooney Midnight sky The Shonda Rhimes series is projected to be found in 72 million households in the first 28 days Brigerton It is estimated to be found in 66 million households.

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A sequel to “We Can Be Heroes” after his big debut

https://screencrush.com/we-can-be-heroes-sequel-announcement/ A sequel to “We Can Be Heroes” after his big debut

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