A series of unfortunate events in Jimony Sniquette – NFL Sports

September 19, 2021; Glendale, Arizona, USA; Arizona Cardinals wide receiver Rondale Moore (4) played Minnesota Vikings at State Farm Stadium in the first half. Required Credits: Billy Hardiman-USA TODAY Sports

It’s Wednesday, and most of us are backing from the edge of the ledge and inching ourselves.

There is nothing like robbing a victorious jaw of defeat. In the inch game, the Vikings seem to have been playing in the metric system in 2021. They are 0-2 and have a 4 point defeat margin. The other side of the coin, the yellow penalty flag in the pocket, the bifocals for the replay reviewer, or the toes dragged across the leaves of the grass will start the season 2-0 for this team. May have worked very well. Inch, I say.

Alas, the Vikings are 0-2, staring at the brink of season ambiguity when the playoffs seem likely to come out of the preseason. Much has been done about the playoff probabilities for teams starting at 0-2 (11% playoffs) and how the season appears to be lost in childhood.Not here — the Vikings still have time to correct their sayings Snekkja..It’s not an easy journey after the holes they dug, but it’s teeth Executable.

One thing I can say about this viking team is that they definitely have a heart and fight them. It would have been very attractive to lie down after a penalty afternoon in Cincinnati.

They didn’t.

The Vikings have fought and are back in the game. In the end, they even had a chance to win it. The same is true for last Sunday’s match in the Arizona Desert. Minnesota swung out and quickly put the Cardinal into the 20-7 hole (yes, Joseph should hit a damn PAT). Missed PAT can be bundled with a series of unfortunate events that preceded it.

His next pass after an incomplete pass from Kyler Murray to start the drive should do it It gave very different results.

The pass bounced off two Viking players instead of one before finally landing in the breadbasket of former Minnesota Golden Gopher Max Williams for a profit of 34 yards. The Cardinals continued to drop chips in the downfield before facing 2nd and 8th on the 24-yard line. Danielle Hunter burst around the left tackle with a flashy kung fu shack with the tackle’s extended arms to dismiss Murray. Satisfied with the possibility of forcing a field goal on the 3rd and 16th, Murray found Christian Kirk with the correct hash 19 yards (1 down).

After 2 plays, pure bedlam.

Murray has issued a quick shovel pass to Rondale Moore (4: 08-4: 30) After the snap, it streaked across Murray’s face. Moore’s touchdown seemed imminent. That’s until his pre-season favorite Xavier Woods got his shoulders on the ball Moore was carrying. The ball jumped into Nick Bihil’s arm just before he pushed the limit. Viking ball, the end of the Cardinals.

If confirmed, the call will be canceled. The defender has the same obligations as the receiver, keeping both feet inbound, even for fumble recovery. No stolen toe drugs, Arizona balls. In the next play, Murray scrambles for a touchdown with Baby Yoda’s Seri. Don’t look now, but it’s afraid our old friends sneak up over our shoulders.

Was this one series a deciding factor in the game? No? number!