A slimy agent tried to bribe the developer of a football manager

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There are many mistakes in modern football, but they are less toxic than the big agents whose behavior has become out of control in recent years. FIFA— Almost none in itself Paragon of Virtue — Trying to crack down on them..

I was able to go all day about their exorbitant fees and conflicts of interest, but for the purposes of this video game blog today, I bribed one aspect of their dubious behavior: developers. Focus on trying to give Football manager A series that provides better statistics to clients.

As part of a new podcast series on a long-term management series ( ), Athletic Series director Miles Jacobson says things get started “I have an agent who tried to bribe me to put things down and an agent who knows I’ll never ask me again, because I’m not a bribe.”

Over the past few years, the entire content and anger cottage industry has been born around sports games and player ratings. It’s annoying and tiring, but mostly harmless, as players around the world publicly shoot / express their dissatisfaction with speed / finish / other ratings.

But Jacobson’s story of this kind of closed room is different, and if it weren’t so pathetic, it would be evil.Find out why agents are trying it: some clubs trust FM There are too many scouting networks, so the actual decision is Football manager The higher the player’s rating, that is, the player’s rating, the greater the chance of attracting lucrative moves, which in turn pushes up agent fees.

The fact that players may not deserve the move, or that they are discovered almost instantly when training with better teammates, or are not used by lucrative clubs. Football manager Probably never in their hearts for scouts.

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