A stunning adaptation of Steve Jackson’s sorcery 80-day developer! Books for Switch • .net

Acclaimed developers like 80Days and Heaven’s Vault, Inkle has brought a stunning adaptation of Steve Jackson’s sorcery! Books to switch to later this year.

Sorcery! The game may be a bit advanced now (the first article was released on iOS in 2013), but it’s still as crazy as ever. Jackson’s source material (a four-part spin-off of the Fighting Fantasy series) is still pleasing, and Inkle is true to the progression of adaptation’s predominantly text-based “Choose Your Own Adventure Series” through a satisfying chunky map. Exploration, enhanced combat, and other nifty tricks that give you a presence.

Sorcery! Official trailer for parts 1 and 2.

Inkle’s adaptations were initially released in the course of four installations, with each chapter corresponding to one of the books in the series (Shamutanti Hills, Khare: Cityport of Traps, The Seven Serpents, The Crown of Kings), all. Became an epic. A wonderfully playable adventure. However, the Switch version, processed by the Polish publisher No Gravity Games, includes all four chapters in one package.

Nothing is said about platform-specific features right now, but it’s a sorcery! Parts 1-4 will arrive at Nintendo’s platform in the “third quarter” of this year, as the game will be known on Switch.


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