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This category has traditionally built graphic packages around major broadcasters, Seven Network, Network 10, and more recently Fox Sports, to set the visual tone of coverage.

That practice will be abolished this year, but supercars choose to develop custom graphics packages accordingly. New Fox Sports / Seven TV deal..

Girraphic, a design firm working on F1’s current graphic packaging, is responsible for developing similar packages for supercars.

“We are releasing a brand new graphics package,” confirmed Supercars TV boss Nathan Prendergast.

“Since the birth of supercars, the look and feel of graphic packages has always been determined by the network. We have always been the right holder.

“We plan to design and implement a custom look for supercars from 2021 onwards. We are designing a whole new look and feel in this category, just as MotoGP and F1 have their own look. I will.

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“Everything from totems to lower frame straps, full frame grids, results, wipes, driver puncture wounds. There are driver-specific animated puncture wounds. I borrowed some from the Formula 1 method. Individual Stab wounds on the driver. [There’s also a] A new opener for the World Feed Opener.

“This year we have a new sponsor and logo and it was a really good time to do it. I’m pretty excited about it, it looks very Simic.”

According to Prendergast, graphics will help Supercars better own the presence of the TV while improving the integration of partner logos.

“It has several advantages,” he said.

“One is that the sport owns its own look and feel and identity. Two is that we can design the elements that work for our commercial partners. We own the assets and rights in the broadcast. The owner also owns it. Designing the package from scratch fixes many issues about where the logo is placed and how things rotate on the screen.

“Being one production means that when you turn it on, you’re looking at a supercar. You’re looking at a supercar, not Fox or Seven.

“We continue to recognize our rights owners, [but] Having a sporting identity is great. “

Details of the 2021 supercar TV package, including a complete summary of commentators and reporters, will be revealed tomorrow.

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A supercar that debuts Formula 1 style TV graphics A supercar that debuts Formula 1 style TV graphics

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