A supercar that overcomes Gen3’s anxiety and meets the team – Motorsports understands that meetings are used to address category-wide concerns about development delays. new-for-2022 hardware..

Postponing the introduction of new rules until mid-2022 or until 2023 may prove important in any decision.

The supercar has confirmed that the meeting will take place, but it also indicates that it is not something unusual, but a scheduled meeting.

“Supercar team owner meetings are held regularly, and finally at the end of February in Bassert,” said a spokesman.

“There will be a meeting scheduled for Tuesday, and many topics, including Gen3, will be discussed as part of a regular business.”

But a team insider told that the meeting was actually a “big deal” and at least the team and series needed to be on the same page.

New low-cost regulations have been a hot topic in supercar paddock for some time.

Many teams are concerned about various uncertainties about the project, including basics such as chassis and engine supply.

There are also concerns about costs and whether many teams will be saved if new regulations are passed in a hurry.

Other issues, such as the fierce debate over paddle shifts, have been added to the drama over new regulations. understands both to postpone the introduction of the rule until mid-2022 or the beginning of 2023.

Another option that has emerged is to delay the start of the 2022 season and give the team more time to build new cars.

Supercars have consistently denied any delays in the start of the season or new rules.

We also plan to get the prototype on track by the middle of this year...

The· The first Gen3 control chassis was recently announced by the series It was Gen3’s largest official statement since the rules were officially announced last October.

– Motorsports

A supercar that overcomes Gen3’s anxiety and meets the team A supercar that overcomes Gen3’s anxiety and meets the team

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