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The Australian series last week Bathurst 1000 will be postponed for one month, Early October dates from November 4th to 7th.

This corresponds to an ongoing COVID-19 outbreak in Sydney, where the New South Wales capital has recorded 207 new positive cases in the last 24 hours.

We hope that the four-week delay in the race will give us time to improve the situation in Sydney, open the door to events at NSW, especially those outside the Greater Sydney area, and allow us to welcome the crowd. It has been.

Bassert is located about 200 kilometers west of Sydney.

However, supercars are time-dependent, and campaigns are already underway to increase the number of flights arriving directly with Bassert from other parts of the country.

It could help fans participate in the Great Race, even if Sydney is still affected by the outbreak.

Currently, most states have closed their borders with New South Wales, but the staggered openings that open up the region’s New South Wales and leave Sydney as a hotspot will be in the coming weeks or days. It is possible in the month.

Baturst Regional Airports typically operate several daily flights to and from Sydney.

“In the case of Bassert, the decision was purely to give as much time as possible to improve things. [in New South Wales], And it offers an experience as close as possible to the best Bathurst 1000 in New South Wales, “explained supercar CEO Sean Seamer.

“At Bathurst, New South Wales participants aren’t the only ones. A significant number of people who go to Bathurst over 50% are interstate highways and Trans-Tasmans.

“Therefore we are working on an option to offer flights directly to and from Bassert not only to our people but also to our fans, which will allow us to attend the event in Sydney, the metropolis of Sydney. You don’t have to travel to Sydney. It won’t improve by that point. “

Seamer added that the series will continue to plan events for a crowd, despite the very real threat of capping the number of people that can pass through the gate.

“Currently, we plan to hold the event as usual, but we will continue to work with the New South Wales Health Department,” he said.

“If you need to evolve your event, make sure you communicate with everyone along the way.

“What we did by moving that date back a month gives us the best possible chance to provide the best possible bassert.”

Having the option to avoid Sydney is in line with the philosophy used by supercars that have readjusted the back end of the 2021 schedule. The idea is to avoid metropolitan areas, with the region Victoria set to host the next two rounds (Winton and Phillip Island), followed by the region’s New South Wales (Bathurst). ..

The Sydney Motorsports Park and Gold Coast 500 will then return to major cities in late November and early December, respectively.

Like Sydney, southeastern Queensland is currently facing an outbreak of the virus, and the region is in a lockdown that will last until next weekend.

In short, four supercar teams are currently closed: Triple Eight, Dick Johnson Racing, Team Sydney and Matt Stone Racing.

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A supercar working on a direct flight to Bassert in the turmoil of COVID A supercar working on a direct flight to Bassert in the turmoil of COVID

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