A sweet house with Imagine Dragons is killing me

While people mysteriously transformed into monsters, I started watching Netflix’s new Korean horror series, Sweet Home, where the inhabitants of the apartment were trapped inside. It seems to be pretty fun so far. There are some terrible monsters and definitely one or two of my favorite characters. And every time our hero fights back, I fall for dying, just dying, aggressively dying, screaming at death, absolutely full of death. Because the music behind the big action scene is the Warriors, the national anthem of the 2014 League of Legends World Championships, the imaginary dragon. Please do not turn your back.

This is the scene from the first episode (a video comparing the original webcomic) where the doctor first diagnosed me as terminal death.

And the video shortens the song. It really goes on. Many warriors. I thought this might be an interesting one-off thing, but let me tell you: it’s not. I haven’t finished yet, but I’ve already heard the Warriors several times. It’s a show hymn for a heroic moment. I scream on TV every time death begins.

I’m not a correspondent for RPS Warriors (ie Pip), but I’m definitely a fan. Please try to imagine. Dragons is such a daft band, a very silly song for a video game tournament, and it’s perfect. They are the warriors who built this town. From dust, no less. Since then, Riot’s music department has collaborated on much better pop songs (virtual girl group K / DA is the highlight), but I still claim Warriors to be the best Worlds song. And now it’s in Sweet Home, below the dramatic scenes and wins. I may turn around now anyway, as much as the Imagine Dragons claim I’m not.

By the way, if you need a Korean supernatural show on Netflix without the Warriors, you’re enjoying the Uncanny Counter. It’s a martial arts drama about a boy who gains magical power and joins a group of heavenly demon hunters who run a noodle restaurant. I like eccentric families, and this has a good one. Excellent Les Redard, Punch Mom, Kick Sis.

From dust.

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Sweet Home using Imagine Dragons is killing me

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