A teenage road trip RPG gets into a car and loses!Get out now

Get in the car and lose! It starts more frankly, as is the case with all RPGs about young protagonists with magical powers. The world is threatened by evil Machine Devil and Machine Devil cultists, and no one seems to save it unless it’s your brave hero party. So jump into the backseat and you’re a dok. Get In The Car, Loser, a free game written by the fame of Christine Love of Lady Killer in a Bind! Is now booming and heading towards the self-proclaimed “Lesbian Road Trip RPG”.

“Three young attendees from the local Order Academy and one rebel angel from God’s Order are heading for a road trip to the battle between Machine Devil and his cult followers,” Love Conquers. All Games says. “Will you succeed in your mission to save the world for another millennium and attack all the canteens along the way, or will you just be a useless gay disaster?”

The trailer here is a bit old, dating back to 2018, but you can see the Active Time Battle system. Along the road trip that saves your world, you’ll make a beeline for the bad guys instead of stopping for a side quest, says Love Conquers All Games. Since the skill of the character is controlled by exchanging weapons, you can change the operation method of everyone by combining them.

Get In The Car wouldn’t be a party-based RPG without interpersonal jokes to make the teenage protagonist so exciting. I think there’s a lot of wit and insult at a party that includes the Academy of Order’s most popular girls and real giant pink angels. It’s all done in a visual novel style conversation.

Writing love in past visual novels is preferred around these parts. Analog: Hate Story More recently Bind Lady Killer.. Anything more than that is welcome.

Get in the car and lose!Is out for free vapor When itchHowever, you can get a $ 10 DLC to get additional beach-themed story chapters and new items.

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