A terrible horror comedy is finding a new life on Netflix

Old movies that are regaining popularity in streaming are weird. Sometimes it’s a genuine classic that people love to revisit. There are also underrated films that didn’t make a big impression in the theater and didn’t get the attention online. Or sometimes you find that a really terrible movie dominates the charts mysteriously.That’s the case for the horror horror comedy finding a new life Netflix This week — 2006 Scary movie 4..

David Zucker took over the reins after Wayans finished the franchise after the first two films.Get the director of plane!Widely regarded as the greatest parody movie of all time, Onboard seemed like a great move for the series, but Zucker’s two entries — Scary movie 3 When Four — Far from his best work.That said, they regained the box office after things went down. 2 So they must have done something right.

Similarly SM4 It’s currently popular on Netflix.According to the latest statistics from Flick patrol, This is currently the ninth movie watched by streamers in the United States. Undoubtedly, that surge in views is related to the fact that Halloween is just a few weeks away and Netflix users are looking for something fun, less demanding and horror-themed.

The movie spoofing with this is: World war, saw, village, When Grudge, All recent hits at that time. In addition to reviving Leslie Nielsen and Charlie Sheen from the third movie, the fourth movie is notable as the final episode starring Anna Faris and Regina Hall. 2013s Scary movie 5 We featured Ashley Tisdale, but failed to restart the series and was unsuccessful.

Scary movie 4 This is the only franchise entry that can be streamed currently Netflix..

A terrible horror comedy is finding a new life on Netflix

https://wegotthiscovered.com/movies/a-terrible-horror-comedy-is-finding-new-life-on-netflix/ A terrible horror comedy is finding a new life on Netflix

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