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A tracker honored to have helped a couple crashed on an I-94 by a rental car

Truck drivers are honored to have recently helped a couple trapped in a crashed rental car.

Truckload Carriers Association named Roy Davison from Crown Point, Indiana Highway Angel Against what they stopped to help the couple after losing control of the U-Hall trucks and trailers they were driving.

Description of TCA:

Roy DavisonLater that night on October 9, Davison was on his way east on Interstate Highway 94 near Altoona, Wisconsin, to Chicago. He was just climbing a hill when he saw a U-Hall truck pulling a trailer loaded with a minivan lost control and turned over. The trailer separated from the truck, rolled in a ditch, and crushed the roof of the minivan. With no time to spare, Davison slowed down and steered the truck and trailer, blocking the two-lane road. Then he jumped out and ran into the fallen U-Hole lying on the passenger side.

“I saw two faces looking at me through the windshield,” Davison said. “I knew it wasn’t safe to break the windshield and get it out, so I climbed into the U-Hall undercarriage.” Another stopped driver left the driver’s door open. Davison carefully proceeded into the truck. The driver and passengers, a couple in their 60s, were still tied to their seats. “I helped the driver step on the armrest, then pushed her up, and the other driver pulled her up,” Davison said. He then worked to help passengers buried under some of the couple’s possessions that were loose when the U-Hall turned over. “We finally took him out,” he said. “Both of them were able to walk on their own.”

When they got out of the car safely, Davison asked the driver what had happened. “She said,’It’s just all jerky, thank you, Jesus!'” He said. “They were lucky to be able to get away from it. They were pretty much over the hill. I took a ride. I could hardly see it when I crossed the hill because of the fog. ”

Davison said the couple’s belongings are all in U-Hall trucks and minivans. “There was broken glass everywhere, and those things were scattered everywhere,” he said. “I was really sick of them. I found their cell phones and keys, and they had the Bible of their family who took an ambulance with them.”

Davison has been in operation for nearly 23 years, 15 of which have been using ABF Freight Systems.

TCA presented him with certificates, patches, lapel buttons and truck decals. His employer also received a letter confirming that he was a highway angel.

Since the program began in August 1997, approximately 1,300 professional truck drivers have been recognized as highway angels for their exemplary tenderness, courtesy and courage during work.

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A tracker honored to have helped a couple crashed on an I-94 by a rental car A tracker honored to have helped a couple crashed on an I-94 by a rental car

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