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Liverpool will have a January transfer period like the plague, unless it is motivated by despair (see previous terminology) or the right person is ready to respond at the right time (see 2018). Tends to avoid.

The Reds are quite 11 points ahead of Manchester City in the title race (although the match is at hand), and the Citizens are showing no sign of stopping remarkable progress. Some may argue that at least the first condition is met. ..

Then, of course, it raises questions about what is targeted in collaboration with Michael Edwards.After the club marks its initial involvement in the window, you can look for side pursuits to help turn things around later in the season. Sale of Tony Gallaher..

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Following last season’s backline struggle, it’s almost like a ruthless injury that robbed the amulet No. 4 Virgil van Dijk and his then criminal star partner Joe Gomez for most of the season. The park will be the next target of misery.

Since then, most of the injuries have disappeared, but COVID’s absence has become a regular annoyance to Jurgen Klopp’s men as he seeks to build a vaguely consistent starting trio.

Our midfield was arguably the weakest link in the Liverpool chain, with Thiago Alcantara leaving again and Fabinho appearing to be struggling following his own bouts of the virus.

We saw Links to Denis Zakaria, Franck Kessié, Renato Sanches, Florian Neuhaus and more Some other names have been mentioned since the summer window dotted in between.

Liverpool struggled mid-season and clearly felt that there was no reliable Genio Inaldam-style option.

However, given that the former duo has expired contracts, we may conclude that it is in our best interests to at least try to secure one in the pre-contract contract.

If your hiring team decides it’s likely to impact this season if your finances allow at this stage of the season, we also recommend cheap bids.


The problem with the forward line is not only the need to convince players to join Liverpool in the middle of the season, but also Sadio Mané and Mosaler AFCON.

Realistically, you’re looking for a bench option that’s comfortable to pop up from time to time, and a rare gem like Diogo Jota that can truly contribute like Divock Origi or claim the minutes of the usual first team. I’m looking for.

With Bobby Firmino’s form depressed last year, the latter possibility was certainly open to the Portuguese International to grab, but then we were ours for the spot of the first team. Pressing one of No.10 or No.11 We are discussing a new signature to challenge completely.

Therefore, it seems that Liverpool is most likely to sign (if any) to younger players in the 20-24 age group, such as Jonathan David type players.

David, Liverpool
Jonathan David has registered a contribution of 16 goals in 27 League One games (all tournaments)

The Canadian-Lille contract will last for another two and a half years, but at this point it may be possible to safely rule out striker movements.

Of course, there are contract expiration candidates related to switching to Merseyside, which is a more affordable option. Ousmane Dembele in Barcelona is a major option in that respect, given that Braugrana has not yet updated its current terms.

According to a recent report, the possibility of French exchange Camp Nou for Anfield is The club continues to negotiate a contract with the 24-year-old..

Overall, Liverpool’s most likely business in the winter window is set to focus on the midfield sector as it aims to gain some kind of consistency in availability in the future. Looks like you are.

It’s not the time when we want to be active, but when the right opportunities are available, it certainly shows the willingness to dive into the window, which is characterized by being desperate rather than sound judgment.

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A transfer business that Liverpool can do in January after the first exit A transfer business that Liverpool can do in January after the first exit

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