A true story and an explanation of the history of Real Town

The Silent Hill franchise includes two movies and numerous video games featuring a town with an unstable history. I will explain here.

Previous Silent Hill It became a horror movie and was a survival horror video game developed by Konami’s team for PlayStation under the name Team Silent in 1999. The game took advantage of the foggy atmosphere to obstruct the player’s view while Harry Mason was looking for a missing adoption. daughter. Its unforgettable scenery and terrifying features have spawned the entire franchise of movie and video game sequels.While Horror video games Is well known, but its true story and actual location are rarely recognized.

In 2006, Christopher Guns adopted the game in a psycho-horror movie of the same name. The film follows Rose (Radha Mitchell) as she takes her adopted daughter Sharon (Jodelle Ferland) to the town of Silent Hill, West Virginia, instead of Harry. Sharon shouted the name of the town while he was asleep, and Rose took her there. As soon as they arrive, they are involved in a car accident and Sharon goes missing.

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As the ashes and fog roll over Silent Hill, Rose looks for her daughter, but only discovers that the town has been attacked by a demon entity, the cult, and is moving between dimensions.The success of the original movie produced a sequel to the title in 2012 Revelation of the Hill of Silence, Which one based on Third game In the series. The main character follows Rose’s daughter Sharon.Similar to resident Evil Franchise, Silent Hill As a concept of classic video games and original movies, it has made its name in the history of horror.

The true story and history of Silent Hill

While in the environment Silent Hill It looks like it could only exist in a nightmare, but it’s actually a very realistic place with a devastating history. The town of Silent Hill, West Virginia, is actually Centralia, Pennsylvania. In May 1962, the town ordered a local landfill to be burned to cleanse the waste. The fire spread to unsealed tunnels and openings, leading to a waste coal mine. Therefore, ignite the burning fire to this day.

Local firefighters could not stop the burns and the government quickly decided that the town needed to evacuate for their safety. As in the movie, the air in Centralia is dangerous and it is advisable to keep people out of the environment for long periods of time. Most have left, but others have stayed in the hope that the fire will stop. One of the only remaining buildings is the church, which is still in use today. Silent Hill Very few citizens remain in the town of West Virginia and are very similar in this respect as they continue to attend church services.

In 2002, the town’s zip code was suspended by the United States Postal Service, and all roads leading to Centralia were subsequently banned. Silent Hill Centralia is a cult, a witch, or Multidimensional monster..Currently there are only two movies in the franchise, but Christophe Gans announced Third movie Probably working.Impressive attention to detail is the seriousness of the historic event Silent Hill‘NS Using the town as an inspiration further accentuates the real horrors that occur in real life.

The future of Silent Hill is still uncertain

Silent Hill Norman Reedus Kojima Productions

Pennsylvania remains a virtual ghost town, albeit a silent hill equivalent to West Virginia’s real Centralia, but sadly Silent Hill Video game franchise.last Silent Hill game, Memories book, Released almost 10 years ago and controversial cancellations since 2015 Silent Hill No more titles under development have been identified due to the depression between Konami and superstar producer Hideo Kojima.Town may Silent Hill Rumors spread in October 2021 suggest that Kojima may be working on something new, so he may eventually wake up again. Silent Hill game.Given his fierce division from Konami, fans should probably not hold their breath and may be better off trying to visit the real thing. Silent Hill For their fix.

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A true story and an explanation of the history of Real Town

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