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A U.S. judge has allowed the delivery of two men accused of helping Reuters escape Ghosn.

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Boston (Reuters)-On Thursday, a federal judge in Boston said two men to avoid being handed over to Japan on suspicion of helping former Nissan (OTC :) Motors Chairman Carlos Gosun escape the country. Refused the last effort by.

Judge Indira Tarwani of the U.S. District Court ruled that after the U.S. Department of State approved their delivery, U.S. Army Special Forces veteran Michael Taylor and his son Peter Taylor would be handed over to Japan. Opened up.

“Although the situation in Japanese prisons may be disastrous,” Judge Tarwani said it was not enough to ban surrender. She added that the United States “well proves that the alleged actions committed by Taylors correspond to exorbitant crimes.”

The Japanese embassy in Nissan and Washington did not comment immediately.

The Taylors were arrested in May at the request of Japan. Tarwani put their delivery on hold on October 29 and was able to hear their challenge to the State Department’s decision.

Prosecutors said the Taylors helped Ghosn escape from Japan on December 29, 2019, and after being hidden in a box and private jet, arrived in his childhood home, Lebanon, without an extradition treaty with Japan. say.

Ghosn was waiting for a trial for his involvement in financial misconduct, including underestimating his compensation in Nissan’s financial statements. Ghosn denied cheating.

Prosecutors said Elder Taylor, a private security expert, and his son received $ 1.3 million for their services.

Taylors lawyers claimed that they could not be prosecuted in Japan for helping someone “pay bail” and faced the prospect of relentless cross-examination and torture if handed over.

Ghosn sought to support their claims by facing long-term detention, mental torture and intimidation in Japan, claiming that Taylors would face “similar or worse situations.”

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A U.S. judge has allowed the delivery of two men accused of helping Reuters escape Ghosn. A U.S. judge has allowed the delivery of two men accused of helping Reuters escape Ghosn.

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