A yearless Marvel movie left pop culture empty

Looking for a community from a range of small studio apartments I don’t have the usual typical part in a year when I feel more separated from people than ever — some coming to the theater I watch Marvel movies every year — I feel huge.

The lack of Marvel movies is a very specific kind of lack of excitement. Living within our new common sense for the past 10 months means trying to find the little things we look forward to every week. New shows on the streaming service will help you catch up with zooming with families you can’t visit. But it does not replace the physicality of the community or the excitement of leaving home to experience something that people may have been waiting for for months. In 2020, the worst was full of death and tragedy, and the best was ignorant and boring, and it was difficult to swallow because of the lack of unlimited expectations.

Marvel’s disappearance didn’t just resonate with the subreddit forums and Stan Twitter. This has had a serious impact on the business of many companies in the entertainment industry. Disney celebrates its strongest third quarter in 2019 Avengers: EndgameBrought over $ 2.8 billion and became one of the worst without a notable release. IP has brought nearly $ 30 billion since Disney acquired Marvel Entertainment in 2009. This does not include products.

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