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Tampa- New York Yankees Manager Aaron Boone said he was “unbelievable” about improving his health after undergoing surgery to implant a pacemaker on Wednesday, and said he would have returned to the club on Friday without the COVID protocol.

“I feel good. I can’t believe my feelings,” Boone said in a video conference ahead of the Yankees-Tigers exhibition game at Steinbrennerfield on Friday. “Sure, I haven’t felt close to this morning in the last few months, so I’m really happy to be able to do this. I’m really excited. I’m excited to be back.”

Boone spoke to the media for the first time since he took a leave of absence immediately after several weeks of lightheadedness, low energy, and shortness of breath. Further testing showed that his heart rate was low and he needed a pacemaker. He had surgery at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa on Wednesday and was released on Thursday.

A 47-year-old woman who underwent open heart surgery in 2009 said her heart rate was “in her thirties”, causing complications. The general medical consensus is that an adult’s ideal resting heart rate ranges from 60 to 100 beats per minute.

“Obtaining (a pacemaker) made me realize that I wasn’t feeling well just because of my energy level, not myself. In a way, I felt I had to reach for it every day,” Boone said. .. “And yesterday, and even more so today. I just feel ready to go and work on something,” said (my cardiologist), “this is very much. It’s a simple procedure, something you’ve never experienced before. The past. And it will work soon, you’ll notice it. “And he was right. I feel good. “

Boone said he plans to return to the team on Saturday. “If it’s not tomorrow, I’m hoping for Sunday,” said Boone, who has entered his fourth season as the Yankees manager.

The Yankees traveled to Bradenton on Saturday and Pittsburgh Pirates, With ace Gerrit ColeSpent 5 years in a pirate organization on the mound.Their next home game will be on Sunday Philadelphia Phillies.. Bench coach Carlos Mendoza will act as manager until Boone returns.

“Now I’m taking it. Make sure I can go with COVID,” said Boone, who must clear the COVID protocol before returning to work. “I think I’m ready to go into the dugout, but look, I’m not in a hurry. I feel like I can accomplish a lot just by being there. I’m I have the greatest confidence in our people. I trust the coaching staff very much. “

Boone also said he was very grateful and humble for the “overwhelming” support he received from the Yankees organization as a whole, as well as from baseball as a whole. He also described the video message his player sent to him while he was still at St. Joseph’s Hospital in Tampa.

“(All fielders) are socially distant, spaced in chairs, Gardy (Brett Gardner) just talked to everyone, and everyone laughed a little. I got sick, “said Boone with a laugh. “That meant a lot. One of the great joys of this job is to be around the group I’m around and often lead a group of grown-up players I’ve been with for years. You can do it. I really really care and love to meet them. “

General Manager Brian Cashman said he was surprised to hear from Boone shortly after the procedure.

“I don’t know the exact time of the afternoon for his procedure (Wednesday), but I’ll get FaceTime at 7:10 pm, which is Aaron Boone,” Cashman said. “I was very vibrant in energy, his appearance, personality, and I’m like” wow “.

“Because he has to go down, he performs this step, and within an hour or so, he backs up and runs as if nothing had happened, it was incredible. Going back to the Yankee uniform, but the best thing is that he just feels great. His new version, I’m happy with him, his family and us. “

– MLB Sports

Aaron Boone is wearing a pacemaker and hopes to return to the New York Yankees this weekend. Aaron Boone is wearing a pacemaker and hopes to return to the New York Yankees this weekend.

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