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It was a whirlwind to see Aaron Pico’s career, 11 battles, perhaps the biggest outlook in the history of mixed martial arts.

Why is he the biggest outlook in the history of sports?

Well, he has not only state championships, but also national boxing, wrestling and pankration championships. Not only that, he won championships in all three wrestling styles, Greco-Roman, Freestyle and Folkstyle, defeating many world champions along the way and doing much of this work while in high school.

Two weeks ahead of his fourth anniversary of his professional debut, Pico won his latest eighth victory when he submitted Aidenley in June of this year.

It was a very interesting evolution of Aaron Pico.

After losing his professional debut in just a few seconds, Pico rebounded in boxing with a four-game winning streak in the first round knockout. He took part in the next battle with the same game plan and paid for it.

After a second shortage on his sixth outing, Pico decided to change it and wrestle with 12-0 kickboxer Adam Volix. It worked for him, but that was all he did and wrestled, and again, as Volix timed him a beautiful flying knee, he paid for it.

Pico fell to 4-3, and after being knocked out in the last two games, decided to join the Jackson Wink Gym and achieved four consecutive victories, but only this time.

We set a thunderous punch with a kick feint after seeing him wrestle in the first round of the next fight. He then used wrestling to win his first submission (rear-naked choke) in his next fight with Solo Hatley Jr. before KOing John de Jesus in the second half of the second round of the next match. Got

This was followed by a submission victory in the third round of the summer, when he entered the third round for the first time. We are seeing improvements and seeing something new from Pico in all of his fights. That’s exactly what we want to see.

Many believed that Pico was currently in AJ McKee’s position, but all the stories are different, and with a few more victories, he’s right there. But first, he has to go through an undefeated 12-0 opponent at Justin Gonzales tonight.

Gonzales has won the hottest outlook Taiwan Claxton in him Bellator He made his debut and won the LFA featherweight championship through knockouts in previous battles.

Continue reading to see how this epic featherweight is encountered Bellator 271 Get off:

Official result: Aaron Pico def. Justin Gonzalez (30-27, 30-27, 30-26) by unanimous decision

Round 1

Gonzales lands a nice right hand just above the gate, followed by a hard leg kick.

After that, Pico shoots a takedown and fixes it. After that, it will get up after about 30 to 40 seconds. Pico then secures another takedown before Gonzales stands up again.

Pico then puts pressure on him, begins boxing, and lands some hard hooks on his head and body. The third shovel hook almost helped Gonzales, but he recovered and was finally dropped off, allowing him to reach the end of the round.

What a first round!

Round 2

Pico secures another takedown just 10 seconds after a second and stays at the top for half a round before Gonzales stands up and secures yet another takedown.

But this time he can get into side control before regaining Gonzales. Then secure the mount at the end of the round. This is a 2 zip for Pico.

Round 3

Pico opens Round 3 by forcing a tie-up with Gonzales along the fence, landing two vicious elbows and a nice shovel hook on the break. Pico then defeats Gonzales again, dominating the ground and the pound.

Gonzales returns like a warrior with him and takes Pico’s onslaught for the remaining 45 seconds.

To be honest, it’s amazing that there was only one 10-8 scorecard. It could have been the universal 30-25.

Still, when Aaron Pico first distanced, he learned something new from Aaron Pico. In the process, I became 9 to 3 as a professional. What’s next for this young man who proved he was really a genius?

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Aaron Pico hands Justin Gonzalez his first defeat at Verator 271 Aaron Pico hands Justin Gonzalez his first defeat at Verator 271

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