AbleGamers & Rainbow SixSiege Charity Bundle Released

Ubisoft Announced the release of 6th Guardian Program, New series Charity bundles in Tom Clancy’s Rainbow Six Siege.. Starting in Season 4 of the fifth year, the game will have a special charity bundle added, and new bundles will be added in future seasons to support various nonprofits. This bundle gives Rainbow Six Siege players the opportunity to access unique in-game items and donate for great purposes.

To launch the initiative, Ubisoft has partnered with The Able Gamers Charity, a US-based non-profit organization. It aims to support players with disabilities by providing gamers with the tools they need to enjoy the playing experience and encouraging their participation in the video gaming industry. .. Rainbow Six Siege players will be able to purchase bundles of uniforms, weapon skins, charms, and headgear from the start of Season 4 of the fifth year. 100% of net income will be donated to the Able Gamers charity for a minimum of US $ 6 per bundle sold.

“Recognizing the opportunity to mobilize the Rainbow Six Siege community on important issues, we decided to launch the 6th Guardian.” Karen Lee, the game’s lead community developer and creator of the Sixth Guardian Program, said. “Our players were very passionate and wanted to provide them with an easy and effective way to support great organizations like AbleGamers.”

“Able Gamers is honored to partner with Ubisoft to support players with disabilities with this amazing sixth Guardian bundle.” Steve Spohn, Able Gamers Director of Peer Support, said. “With more than 46 million people with disabilities in the United States alone and around the world, our members of the Rainbow Six community are fighting social isolation and improving the quality of life for people with disabilities. No more excitement in participating in the quest for. By providing the equipment and knowledge they need to play in the virtual world we love. “

The Doc Xth Guardian bundle will be available for purchase on Rainbow Six Siege after the fifth year of Season 4 launch.

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AbleGamers & Rainbow Six Siege Charity Bundle Now Live

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