About Gatlin Griffith catching a bullet and playing a thief [Exclusive Interview]

Lionsgate Catch the bullet It will be released on Blu-ray and DVD today. For decades, the Western genre has entertained audiences around the world. The battle before and after that between good and evil. Law enforcement officers catch criminals and try to get gangsters to disband them and take revenge.

of Catch the bullet, We will soon meet the criminal Jedbreak and his gangster. In an act of revenge, he kidnaps the son of US Marshal Britmacmaster to seduce him to them. Little knows that he intends to fill his hands with Chad. Who will do everything he can to escape. But despite their differences, they may actually find some commonalities between them. What happens when McMaster finally catches up with them?

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Here’s a synopsis of Lionsgate’s Catch the Brett

Starring Peter Facinelli (Twilight Franchise), this powerful western shows what happens when you push the good guys too far. US Marshals Service Brit McMasters (Jay Pickett) has returned from a mission to discover his father (Tom Skerritt) injured and his son Chad kidnapped by outlaw Jed Blake. Hot on the trail, Brit forms a group with a gunman lieutenant and a stoic pony tracker. However, both Jed and Brit are dangerously trampling near the Sioux territory of the Red Desert. This poses a far greater threat than either can imagine.

With today’s Blu-ray and DVD releases, we talked to Gatlin Griffith. He is an actor who plays the thief Jed Black. In the conversation, we talk about our longing for Westerns. He also talks about working with Mason McNulty. It was a fun conversation that you can check below!

Lionsgate Catch the bullet Now available on Blu-ray and DVD.

About Gatlin Griffith catching a bullet and playing a thief [Exclusive Interview]

https://lrmonline.com/news/gattlin-griffith-on-playing-a-bandit-in-catch-the-bullet-exclusive-interview/ About Gatlin Griffith catching a bullet and playing a thief [Exclusive Interview]

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