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Chelsea submitted Dembele’s offer, Hazard made a decision, and Dembele was told to leave Barcelona in Chelsea’s summary …

Chelsea is approaching Usmanu Dembele’s transfer deal, the report claims

Dembele lost his contract at the end of the current campaign, and negotiations between players and the club over the extension of Camp Nou have recently stopped following the substantive demands of the French.

Winger is reportedly demanding an annual salary of £ 25m and another contract of £ 25m, but his agent is believed to have stipulated a fee of £ 13m. Report in Spain.

It led to a lot of media coverage suggesting that Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel is open to the idea of ​​taking him to the Premier League in this transfer window.

Dembele enjoyed the best form in Dortmund under the current Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel, so the two are Stamford, especially knowing that Chelsea could be a bargain for the French. It’s not surprising to see them meet again at the bridge

And Spanish media claims that Chelsea is one of three clubs that offer offers to the French to conclude a transfer deal.

Now, in speculation, speaking to RMC Sport, his agent Moussa Sissoko criticized the club’s bargaining strategy.

“It’s a stroke of pressure that doesn’t work for people like us,” he said.

“Maybe it can work with an agent close to Barcelona. That’s not my case, I’m here to protect the interests of my players.

“We have to tell the truth. Yes, we have strict demands, but we have already shown that Ousmane’s career choices are not determined by money. Otherwise, he is here now. plug.

“Then, if Barcelona wants to negotiate, he might have tried to come to the table to discuss with us, except that there is no discussion and the threat no longer works on their side. Ban. If necessary, claim the rights of Usmanudembele. “

Chelsea are reportedly “not an option” for Eden Hazard as they are considering staying in Real Madrid until the summer.

Hazard was easily regarded as one of the top five football players in the world after growing into a real star in Chelsea. This performance has raised a huge amount of money for the deal with Real Madrid.

But despite his excitement, despite hype about the move, and despite many believing that he will grow into the best player in football in the world, Hazard is injured in Spain. At Stamford Bridge, who endured annoyed times and couldn’t rediscover the shape he showed.

It opened the door to many speculations about his next destination, and the Belgian Winger returned to the Premier League in the current window as his well-documented struggle at Bernabeu continued. It is linked.

Not surprisingly, the reunion with Bruce is touted that Newcastle is also interested in the 31-year-old under new Saudi-led ownership.

According to El Nacional, Roman Abramovich was argued to be the driving force behind Chelsea’s interests as Russian owners were eager to reunite with a former Lille man.

However Marca Thomas Tuchel’s men report that they are not one of the clubs that provided an escape route to the hazard, as they will stay in Madrid at least until the summer.

IcFootballnews view….

Hazard is a great player for Chelsea and has made a name for himself as a true legend of the club, but returning him to the club is a mistake and fans will be pleased that he will not come back.

He’s not the same player as him and it will ruin his legacy in the club, but it’s interesting to see where he goes after Madrid.

Usmanu Dembele to Chelsea was told by the club Mateu Armany to leave Barcelona as soon as possible.

Since arriving at Camp Nou, Dembele has been very frustrated. Combined with both his illness and injury, he played only 126 games against the Spanish giant, scoring 30 goals.

However, there was some shocking speculation in the media that Chelsea might be open to the idea of ​​taking him to the Premier League to pose a little more goal threat to the attack.

It was believed that Dembele did not agree to a new contract with the Spanish giant, but they wanted to stay with him. That’s why many clubs are looking at potential contracts.

Now that the 24-year-old refused to renew his contract, the football alemany director opened and told the French that he needed to leave the Spanish giant as soon as possible.

He states: “Dembele’s decision was not to continue (in Barcelona) and communicated our decision (by excluding him),” Alemany said.

“We are looking for enthusiastic players in the club and he told him he should leave the club as soon as possible.

“We started negotiations in July. We made some offers but all were rejected. He was told he had to leave the club, he committed to the project. I have not.”

IcFootballnews view …

You see, Dembele is a man struggling with Liga, so he won’t come to the Premier League and influence him.He is not made for english games

If Chelsea signs a player, it’s probably a mistake, as it gives the side something better than they already have in the club.

So it would be interesting to see if Chelsea would make that offer


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Abramovich Hazard and Dumble Features in Chelsea Roundup Abramovich Hazard and Dumble Features in Chelsea Roundup

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