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UFC 257 was a huge success and reportedly One of the best lottery events ever 1.2 million pay-per-view purchases have been reported in the United States, with an additional 400,000 purchases from abroad. Conor McGregor may have lost to Dustin Poirier that night, but he brought significant income to the UFC.

Veteran reporter Dave Meltzer talked about PPV purchase rates in a wrestling observer newsletter.

The number does not include refunds, and although no one knows the number, a significant number of people have requested and received refunds. ESPN + numbers are valid. International numbers are estimates and very generous, but even with 1.5 million people, the show was a huge success. Only the biggest boxing match in history has surpassed it so far, and in the history of PPV there has even been only one UFC fight with boxing at the stadium.

With US PPV revenue of about $ 84 million, ESPN’s $ 200 million purchase of annual rights now looks like a theft.

Apart from the money from PPV purchases, and Abu Dhabi bears most event costs, Melzer says the UAE government will also pay the UFC a lot to compete for the biggest star in the country.

Given the nature of revenue, an interesting question is whether ESPN is kicking money into McGregor or is it all coming from the UFC. Because the wind and rain he is bringing is heading for ESPN. The UFC got big numbers from the Abu Dhabi government in three shows over eight days, primarily based on McGregor’s invitation.

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Bloody Elbow business writer John Nash also noted the economic implications of this massive event.

UFC 257 was the 12th Zuffa pay-per-view with over 1 million buy-per-view. Conor McGregor has headlined seven of the twelve in the UFC 194, UFC 196, UFC 202, UFC 205, UFC 229, UFC 246 and UFC 257.

The best-selling pay-per-view was UFC 229, which reportedly had at least 2 million purchases. If UFC 257 actually sold about 1.6 million purchases (with minimal refunds), it would be the second-selling PPV in promotion history. (Currently the second is likely to be UFC 202.)

Of course, the comparison between these events isn’t exactly apples and apples. Until recently, PPV was limited to the United States, Canada and Australia. Since then, the UFC has begun selling some of its larger events, the McGregor Card, at PPV in previously unheard of areas. These include the United Kingdom (BT Sports charges about $ 27 for PPV) and Scandinavia (Viaplay charges nearly $ 60).

As a result, international PPV used to be 10-15% of UFC’s residential PPV purchases, but is now much higher. The Sports Business Journal reported that both UFC 251 and 257 sold 400,000 PPV. This is 30% and 25% of the purchase, respectively.

UFC 257 alone has generated significant revenue for MMA promotions, without considering the “huge” amount of money it got from Abu Dhabi to host McGregor and the three January events. Nash breaks it down:

I don’t know the exact UFC split for each PPV, but I can tell from the company profile. UFC Antitrust Law Proceedings — They predicted that average PPV revenue per purchase in 2018 would be around $ 35. This includes both domestic and international purchases. This suggests that UFC 257 has generated about $ 55 million in revenue for UFC on PPV alone. Other sources of income, sponsors and international television rates, could have added an additional $ 10 million to the main card. This does not include the fees ESPN pays to broadcast Prelim.

An ESPN + purchase of 1.2 million means that this event was sold domestically on par with other McGregor events. UFC 196, 202, 205 all sold the same amount of PPV in the United States. Each of them generated about $ 60 million in UFC total event revenue. Even without including the site fees paid by UAE hosts, UFC 257 easily surpassed these events by millions. You can only guess how much it was actually.

The UFC not only lets McGregor sell huge PPV, Controversial However, a very favorable partnership with the Abu Dhabi government. United Arab Emirates, in turn, PR push to rehabilitate their image And Sports wash their vicious human rights record By hosting these large-scale events.

As for McGregor, he may not have benefited most from this setting.

I don’t know how this loss will affect or will affect his future drawing power, but the money he brings to both the UFC and ESPN is undeniable. Counting MayMac, McGregor’s eight battles are one of the most profitable UFC events in history. So he may be the best MMA fighter of the day, but also much lower wages.

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Abu Dhabi Government Paid UFC “Huge” Money To Book Conor McGregor Abu Dhabi Government Paid UFC “Huge” Money To Book Conor McGregor

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