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Accenture adds another acquisition to Industry X

Consulting firm Accenture continues its acquisition path. Announcing further expansion of supply chain expertise this week By acquiring one of the largest system integrators of Infor’s asset management software, an enterprise technology vendor.

A Newyork-based company has acquired Advoco. Software suite integrator as Infor’s service for enterprise asset management (EAM).. According to Accenture, the move will allow clients in consumer goods and services, industry, life sciences, transit, and other industries to make their operations and supply chains safer, more sustainable, productive, and cost-effective. Extend the functionality that helps you get things done.

Although the terms of the deal have not been disclosed, Accenture plans to use Advoco’s office in Greenville, South Carolina as a “center of excellence” for Infor EAM delivery, industry use cases and intelligent asset management. Said.

Accenture is involving dozens of small businesses in a swift series of acquisitions to bring together the “Industry X” division, which aims to combine data and digital capabilities with growing engineering expertise. Help clients digitize engineering functions, factory floors, and plant operations.

The Advoco deal is the latest in a series of 24 acquisitions Accenture has made since 2017. Engineering consulting and service company Umlaut (Germany), Operations technology provider Electro 80 (Australia), industrial robot and automation service provider Pollux (Brazil), operations consultancy Myrtle (USA), and technology consultancy SALT Solutions (Germany).

“Many clients are looking to leverage Infor EAM to incorporate more intelligence into asset management to improve the performance of their most important assets,” said Nigel Stacy, global leader in Accenture Industry X, in a release. Stated. “Advoco is highly regarded for its talents, expertise and training programs in this area. Together, it provides Infor EAM capabilities to large clients to take advantage of growing market opportunities. “

Accenture adds another acquisition to Industry X Accenture adds another acquisition to Industry X

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