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Access to cannabis products will be opened through TGA Australia and the EU

After seeing the announcement of ASX-CPH, I found this, which I think is news of massive impact.

November 26, 2020
The latest information on TGA reclassification of CBD

▪ Down-schedule to schedule three medicines scheduled for late December 2020 TGA decision on cannabidiol (CBD) product modification (i)

▪ ▪ The rescheduling will allow Australian consumers to purchase CBD products after consulting with a pharmacist without the need for a prescription.

▪ Unleash a large market opportunity for Creso Pharma – the Australian market is estimated to be worth more than A $ 200 million (ii)

▪ Creso still provides sufficient funds to capitalize on the Australian market after the final decision.

If you’re wondering why the ASX CPH announcement is relevant to the big picture and why it’s “approved”, I recommend summarizing the information here. .. (a little reading material)

4.1 Cannabidiol (private application) and cannabidiol (start of delegation)
4 The tentative decision on the proposed amendment was referred to the Advisory Board on Pharmaceutical and Chemical Scheduling at the Joint Session (Joint ACMS-ACCS # 25, June 2020) Note: New text is displayed in large green font And a horizontal line will be displayed above it.

Therefore, in the review, a tentative decision has already approved a 4 to 3 down schedule for some CBD products (Schedule 4 requires a prescription and Schedule 3 requires specific changes such as strength, packaging, etc.) It is an over-the-counter (OTC) based on compliance. Advertising etc …………… Basically, i is scattered and something like T is crossed.

There is also a recent test of imported goods (currently accessed under the SAS scheme), the results also seem favorable to the importer, most of the products are included in the testing and approval guidelines, strength, Such as pollution. The couple are now out of range of strength, especially one a little below and one a little above. It’s not a big deal.

This decision is for over-the-counter sales (OTC) of certain “low dose” CBD (cannabidiol) products that may help people with insomnia, anxiety, pain, inflammation, and epilepsy. Means to be registered in Australia Seizures etc.

The final decision is scheduled for January 7, 2021, following the link above from TGA. That is, the product may be ready, registered, and available for sale that day.

In addition, the EU has released access with the following declaration: This is a very late decision in my opinion.

EU OK.jpg

I have already bought CPH, EXL, AC8.

Other considerations, ZLD, MDC, CAN.
Today, CPH, ZLD and MDC are certainly moving in the right direction.


Access to cannabis products will be opened through TGA Australia and the EU Access to cannabis products will be opened through TGA Australia and the EU

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