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120fps! PC cross-play! More!

Developer RageSquid’s Extreme Downhill Bike Game Descenders is now available on the Xbox Series X / S. Along with this, all Xbox One owners will receive a free next-generation expansion update that introduces 120fps mode, PC cross-play, and more.

Descenders provide an exhilarating free-riding experience as players flip their way in a race, trick, and procedurally generated world (whether solo or competitive).It was warmly accepted when it first went on sale, but it really made a name for itself-and Found an important audience –After being released on the Xbox Game Pass.

Following the natural and continued success of the game on Microsoft’s subscription service, RageSquid said it was Working on next-generation extension upgrades For Xbox Series X / S-The update has finally been released.

Descender-Xbox Series X / S Trailer.

This update is free for existing owners and Xbox Game Pass subscribers, increasing the number of player lobbies from four (as seen in previous generation versions of Descender) to eight, with different resolutions and frame rates. Introduce options.

On Xbox Series X, players can choose between high performance mode (running at 120fps / 1080p), performance mode (4k / 60fps), and resolution mode (variable from 40-60fps). Series S owners, on the other hand, have access to performance modes (1080p / 60fps) and variable resolution modes from 40 to 60fps at 1440p.

It also has a variety of visual features such as cross-play with the PC version, increased foliage, improved terrain and shadow quality, significantly enhanced drawing distance, new SSAO features, motion blur, and “significantly improved” antialiasing. There is an upgrade.

Available as a physical and digital release to commemorate the introduction of Descenders on the Xbox Series X / S. Currently 25% off at Microsoft StoreThis means that the next week’s cost will be £ 14.99 instead of the usual £ 19.99.


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