According to Leak, EA is “fanneling” FIFA players into the loot box of FUT

The leaked report suggests that EA is aiming to push FIFA players into the game’s Ultimate Team mode. In this mode, the company can make more money through the loot box.

According to a document obtained by CBC News, EA deliberately directs players to more loot box-oriented FUT mode, giving them a greater chance of collecting more money from players in premium titles.

On one page of the “Run Up to FIFA 21” internal presentation (distributed prior to the launch of FIFA 21) from 2020, acquired by the press, a message from an unreleased game “promotes excitement and encourages players. Focus on FUT. ” “From other modes”, and the return of Pro Soccer Postcovid-19 “only helps us and the plan is ready to be flexible”.

The other lines of the document actually show how the EA sees FUT and how the company wants to position modes more than all other modes in the game. “FUT is the foundation and we do everything we can to get players there,” says some of the documentation. “All roads lead to FUT,” it says elsewhere.

CBC also said in EA’s internal communications that FIFA’s in-game currency is called the “grind currency,” but the explanation from EA is that phrasing is “not a term we normally use.” I suggest.

The EA responded to the leak and noticed that the document was displayed “without context”. According to CBC:

An EA spokesperson declined the interview request and did not comment on the document. The document states that it is “displayed without context” and that it is “marked as privileged and confidential” except that it is “displayed without context”. Incorrect information. He didn’t answer when asked to clarify.

“All EA games can be played without spending money on in-game items, and the vast majority of players don’t spend money,” Charlie Fortescue said in a statement.

The publisher also issued a statement directly on its website. When offering that option, we take great care not to drive spending more than revenue in the game. Also, the vast majority of FIFA players don’t spend money on in-game items. “

EA also said, “We […] We strongly oppose the inclusion of gambling in either FIFA or our games. “

This isn’t the first time EA has been forced to confront gambling ties in FIFA. In December 2020, the company appears to have moved to block FUT in countries with stricter gambling bans. In January 2021, former EA executive Peter Moore said the FIFA Ultimate Team loot box was also a “long way” from gambling.

Anti-loot box sentiment is rising, and if EA wants to defend its practices in the face of rising international surveillance, it’s no wonder EA is in a long battle.

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