According to analysts, the Steelers’ off-season top priority is to identify Pass Rush help. – NFL Sports

As the NFL calendar progresses towards more OTAs, mini camps, training camps, and the start of the regular season, one writer said the Pittsburgh Steelers still have one obvious hole in the roster. I have.

The hole happens to be behind TJ Watt, the Defensive Player of the Year, and Alex Highsmith, a third-year linebacker who plays the role of OLB in third place in the Steelers’ 3-4 defense. The Steelers are now on the roster with veterans Genard Avery and Derrek Tuszka, who, as a player on a special team of four, has a heavy mission there rather than seeing many snaps at the edge. ..

Avery has played his fair share of Snap at the border and has held up relatively well overall throughout his career, But according to analyst Marc SesslerThe Steelers, whether before a training camp or after a cutdown day before the regular season, in the form of a veteran free agent signature, the Pass Rush Help behind Watt and Highsmith this summer. Need to be identified.

“The Steelers spent a draft reload on the attack and won the quarterback Kenny Pickett in 20th place overall before choosing a wide-out pair from Memphis to George Pickens and Calvin Austin III in Georgia. The overhaul of the attack is underway, but the hole in the roster remains on the other side of the ball, “Sessler wrote. “The Steelers are paper-thin with outside linebackers beyond TJ Watt and Alex Highsmith. If you miss the time, the Steelers rely on Jenard Avery or Derek Tushka to fill the gap. You can’t. Finding help is a tough time of the year, but camp reductions can provide an answer. The Steelers specialize in filling gaps with tip-on veterans on the shoulders. . “

Last summer, a few weeks before the training camp, the Steelers signed a one-year contract with veteran Melvin Ingram II, hoping to become the third-rugged OLB on the roster behind Watt and Highsmith. rice field. The first few weeks went well as Ingram was seeing more play time than expected due to Watt and Highsmith’s injuries. But in the end, Ingram landed with the Kansas City Chiefs and wanted a deal on a trading deadline, including a sixth round pick back to the Steelers.

Pittsburgh must desperately avoid this kind of situation this summer, but at this point the market is relatively naked. Current free agents for external linebackers that fit into the true 3-4 scheme include Pernell McPhee, Tuzar Skipper, Denali Cloverson, and Tuckerist McKinley. To give just a few examples.

There are some interesting names, especially Kerrigan, Houston and Makfi, but the Steelers followed the reduction of the roster in late August as the team needed to reach the 53 roster limit prior to the normal season. You may choose to take away the veteran and wait.

Everyone can guess who is available on the cutdown day or who is interested in the Steelers, but to avoid the problems the Steelers dealt with after trading the Ingram, the Steelers It’s clear that we need to add another veteran to the external linebacker room, which is an overall concern from the depth and level of play.

– NFL Sports

According to analysts, the Steelers’ off-season top priority is to identify Pass Rush help. According to analysts, the Steelers’ off-season top priority is to identify Pass Rush help.

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