According to the list on the PlayStation Store, Deathloop seems to be set for the May 2021 release.

Arkane Studios time warp first person shooter Death loop It will be released on May 21st next year, according to a list of pre-orders that popped up overnight at PlayStation stores in various regions.

This list first appeared on the PlayStation Store in New Zealand last night and was discovered by the PlayStation Trophy Cham. Then, with the May release date, it spread to PlayStation stores in other regions, including our PlayStation Store in the UK, this morning. .. The “Deluxe Edition” of the game is also listed. This includes the game and three weapon skins, skins for each player character (Colt and Juliana), two trinkets that provide equipable buffs, and the game soundtrack.

Death loop Was first announced at E3 2019 and later confirmed exclusively for PlayStation 5 and PC before publisher Bethesda was purchased for Xbox earlier this year, but Deathloop’s exclusive rights will remain for the foreseeable future.

That said, Bethesda hasn’t officially confirmed the date yet, so this will change when the PlayStation 5 itself is released, perhaps in the not too distant future, when we hear more or get official confirmation. Be prepared for the possibility Wild. Assuming the list is correct Death loop It will be released on PlayStation 5 and PC on May 21, 2021.

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