According to the Psychonauts 2 update, it is almost complete and will be released in 2021.

During the break, Double Fine provided updates on the state of the studio’s current project, Psychonauts 2, in the form of a 9-minute video hosted by Tim Schafer. Wearing a Christmas sweater with a double-fine double-headed baby, he congratulates him on “all levels are in-game” and finishes and polishes it when the developer returns from the break. As the video explains, “2020 was a strange time, but Psychonauts 2 is doing well and will be released next year.”

As this update shows, the working process for Double Fine has changed. The studio promised to create Psychonauts 2 without crunches, and as Schafer says, “in the first game, which was one of the worst crunch modes I’ve ever been to.” Another change is that everyone works from home. Most of the video is taken from a zoom call. In other words, you can see which staff are using the background. (Schafer’s is Shining’s “Jack becomes a boring boy because he doesn’t have all the work and play” scene.)

Double Fine seems to make the most of working from home, Schafer becomes like an “internal game streamer”, playing each build while other members of the team are watching and commenting, I’ve made it possible to record everything for later analysis. .. As the developer decides to cut the tram out of the section or fix the problem of eyeballs coming off the heads of some skeletons, he can be seen jumping through different parts of Psychonauts 2. I will.

In addition to revisiting the completed levels, he seems to be working on a post-game epilogue that will allow you to explore the world after completing cutscenes, end credits, front end menus, and stories. This is what the original Psycho Notes didn’t do. I’m waiting. So there’s still a way to go, but Psychonauts 2 seems to be on track for this year’s release.

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